WHY poem

Bob Flanagan

WHY poem
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25 Responses to WHY poem

  1. freeky4soad

    If you have Netflix, the documentary Sick is on the online videos. I watched it a few days ago and loved it.

  2. berkah89

    @xelfer9 you must be the one douchebag who thumbed this down. asshole.

  3. scook2

    @Ribavirin9 watch the documentary about him. If you make it to the end you will realize that talent has nothing to do with it

  4. scook2

    @Ribavirin9 watch “sick” to the end if you can

  5. Ribavirin9

    because it takes no talent to vomit up this kind of shit and it will always be lame

  6. Fragile89ify

    because no pain, no gain

    because spare the rod and spoil the child

    because you always hurt the one you love

  7. mewant2win

    i have cf and he is my hero., i can listen to this and it always makes me proud., becuase cf people are tougher then most., he specks the truth., this is poetry and i love him and it.,

  8. sexistoner83

    this blew my mind, loved it!!!

  9. seriouslymatsteele

    @xelfer9 Godly is not decent. What people choose to do with their own bodies is none of god’s damned business. He and you can go back to his time when a rapist would be punished by being forced to buy his victim, when a child could be killed for disobedience, when a slave was okay to beat just not to kill, when a homosexual was killed for it, when a woman was property. You can go back to godly times, but in these times we have freedom. These are the decent times.

  10. YouDickwod

    @Yryyyys you suck

  11. xelfer9

    I can’t help but be disgusted by people in these times. it’s horrible how screwed up people are and how people look up to and respect abnormal, sick and twisted, off base, and disgusting people and personalities rather than good and decent Godly people who stand for what is right.

  12. barrilucci

    He is an amazing artist.

  13. RGKLEIN21

    Masochism! You can’t beat it! Not even with a ten feet stick!

  14. rudenoodle


  15. generalsilke

    This documentary changed my life. I did a research project on him for a class in grad school two years ago- i highly recommend seeing this documentary.

  16. Yryyyys

    because my mom didn’t masturbate, because I’m a feminist, because I want to, because it makes me feel powerful, because I like to feel powerless, because I’m fragile, because I’m tough, because clipping my nails was always such a ritual when I was a kid, because the future is dark, because life is too short, because I am bored, because I’m open-hearted, because I’m a woman, because I’d wither without it, because I am queer, because I am punk, because I am a pervert.

  17. Yryyyys

    because I was a sad kid and an angry teenager, because I feel nostalgia for a time that never was, because of the martyrs of sainte agathe and sainte marguerite, because I’m lazy, because I’m selfish, because it’s my definition of tenderness.

  18. OzTerri

    so affected by this poem.

  19. Imthewalrus09

    where can i find the bob flanagan documental???? cuold be on english deutsch or spanish, please help me that guy is incredible

  20. iscream22

    Havent seen the documentary yet but the guy sounds pretty wild, even though some of the footage i saw of him sounds like hes a cool fairly down to earth guy. Cystic Fibrosis is awful, Perhaps the pharmaceutical industry should spend less billions of dollars on aggressive 3 minute advertisements (which makes many people think they need pills when they dont) and spend more on research to help Cancer, Aids, Drug addiction, MS, Cystic Fibrosis etc etc. Drug companies anger me. Bob rules

  21. Alecal89

    Fuck the sickness… Bob rules!

  22. Fenrisolene

    This man was a legend and this poem is one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard…

  23. snoopsie

    thank you so much for posting

  24. emilystrife

    He was such an amazing person. I love him.

  25. loveupskirts

    just researching this artist now..

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