“Why I Dislike Your Poem, But Love God” Response to ( Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus )

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I wrote this to try and promote a healthy discussion. These are my views and opinions, but that does not mean that you must agree. If you want to defend your views and beliefs please do, but please do it in such a way that will shine a light on your beliefs and not embarrass them. I struggled with whether I should even upload this video or not, but I prayed about it, and you obviously can see the outcome of that. One World, One Love, One God. (While I appreciate all the Bible quotes, you must respect my belief to question the absoluteness of quotations that have been translated from their original language and passed down from generation to generation by flawed men. If the Bible is truly God’s word, why are there different versions of the Bible? The original video claims we should be weary of religion because it has been corrupted by man, I am certainly not disagreeing with that aspect of it, just talking that idea even further to encourage reflection. )

“Why I Dislike Your Poem, But Love God” Response to ( Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus )

21 Responses to “Why I Dislike Your Poem, But Love God” Response to ( Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus )

  1. yas208123

    bible Q’uran torah not the same
    u dont no cos u cant read arabic and hebrew and quran is arabic torah is hebrew get ur facts right and anyway u said? he was makin christianity look bad but u did the same make other religeons look bad like jewish and islam

  2. TheThissalantine

    wow what a? load of hate.

  3. AlexMidnight6

    Jesus IS the Son of God.. and is the ONLY way to Heaven.. the different books are NOT the same..they are different. There IS a difference, and there IS only one truth/answer.. Jesus IS the Light..Jesus is not invented… and to call Jeff arrogant is pointing RIGHT back at you… im sorry but this is the truth, and there is only one truth. Jesus is the ONLY way to Heaven. we? are lucky enough to have even ONE way to Heaven, after all that we’ve done.. much love brother.. hope you look deeper

  4. christpylove

    @ lowerarkansasdrummer, I just prayed for you, I will keep you in my prayers! Stay strong and be blessed, you will see gods hand? in everything you do as long as you believe! Keep your faith strong, read the bible and have your own opinion! It’s your life, the bible is like a GPS, it gives u the right detection, don’t listen to anything else!

  5. christpylove

    Read isaiah, it will tell u God sent his spirit upon him ( Jesus) that right there means Jesus is God! Isaiah is apart of? the old testament, which is in the Koran aswell, do your research before you make yourself look dumb in public!

  6. seafigther67

    CAn we all just Love God, pray, avoid sin and read the bible to end? this stuff

  7. gundamx100

    Christianity is not a Religion, it’s a relationship? with God! You said that God’s words changed? How can you change the Bible? That’s all.

  8. gobarb71

    Perhaps you may want to examine the scriptures as your soteriology is way off base. ? Universalism? Really?

  9. mkraeftig7

    @amandamariefisher “only the ignorant call? people ignorant”

    So you just called people ignorant who call other people ignorant, which would make you (by your standards) ignorant. That’s ridiculous. That’s like saying “Only murders call other? people murderers.” Um, no.

  10. cpmkw

    Great response. Who are these? people “disliking”? Bizarre.

  11. toddthompsonmusic

    Jesus would be proud that you rot in hell and the original poet was on a cloud? I’m not clear what you are saying he’d be proud of. And I agree with the comment previous to mine…? other than bashing another video and calling out the original poet, what is the point of this video? If it’s promoting healthy discussion, bring valid/well thought out points to the table so we can discuss. I personally disagree w/ both of you guys, but I do feel that bball1989 makes a thorough and effective case.

  12. amandamariefisher

    This really bothers me because, to me, it? seems like you are doing nothing in this video is bashing the other video. You are insinuating that he is claiming he is on the same level as God, and that he is arrogant, hypocritical, and ignorant. But YET, you ask that YOUR opinions and beliefs be respected. Give me a break. To me, someone has taken a little bit too much offense to a video that was just supposed to share a personal belief–the same thing you are doing, just in a more intellectual way.

  13. amandamariefisher

    only the ignorant? call people ignorant

  14. mjribes

    Unfortunately one has to be right, & the others wrong. The Bible teaches that Jesus died & rose again, while Islam teaches that he didn’t.Judaism & Islam say that he was a prophet, but if he really said what the Bible claims, then? from their point of view he’s a lying, blaspheming prophet. You can’t make these 3 views fit together no matter how much you beat them (excuse the pun). Therefore, if you believe the truth lies among these 3, then 2 have to be wrong. I know which one I’d bet on…

  15. leehamify

    That’s some pretty? enlightened stuff.

  16. kittypawz258

    unless you’ve read the scriptures of the qo’ran, torah, and the bible then? don’t pray to each religions’ god because you dont understand prophecy. this is what i call hypocrisy.see i can rhyme too ;)

  17. lowerarkanasadrummer

    Not trying to. I AM a Christian. Please don’t listen to me…I don’t know. I don’t want to shake anything. Sorry.? But I am struggleing to hang on to my core belief system. Pray for me if you will. It’s hard to keep going for me. Keep your faith strong. I did for years. I need help. I need prayer. I need but I don’t always recieve. That was the wrong way to go about anything so I am typing no more.

  18. JBZACK2001

    youre? not shaking anything dude

  19. lowerarkanasadrummer

    Don’t ask me…I don’t know! Ok, man testifies giving everything he had to the church? and God blessed him later as a wealthy man. Lady stands up and says, ” I dare you to do it again! “

  20. lowerarkanasadrummer

    We can handel the truth!/ We can’t handel the truth! We can’t yet know the truth!/We can have faith. In? Because? Institutions. Go complain or suggest to the leaders of the instutions! Oh, good luck with that. Oh, wait, that’s been done! Oh, it didn’t? work because? They? We? Us? Them? Money! Paper blood! Status. Addiction. Identity. Who isn’t human that is human? I’ll quote Regan. “Well”

  21. astherrien

    No, Jesus wouldnt be proud my dear friend. Not when He said things like the words found in John 14:6. The only criterion for a prophet is to be RIGHT ALL THE TIME. So for Jesus to say that He is the only way to salvation, through His death burial and resurrection,? you’re left with two choices. Either he was a true prophet making Him really the Son of God and the only way, or he was a false prophet and should be ignored like all the rest.

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