What is the poetics of a pencil?


What is the poetics of a pencil?
I read a book called “The Thing” written by Martin Heidegger… It say abt the poetic of a jug. And now, i have to write essay about the poetic of a pencil… can anyone help??? thank you

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Answer by Mark G
Look at a pencil and consider how it’s made used and what all it goes through in its useful life, and then look at how it is looked upon by most people and how it has taken a back seat to pens, which it originally replaced because of cost and efficiency, there is a lot to be said about the common pencil just nobody ever thinks about it really.

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  1. Desiree M

    how about how they tried to improve the pencil by converting it into a mechanical pencil thus trying to fit it into modern society more

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