What is the best way to learn about poetry, in your opinion?

I’ve always liked poetry, but never had any kind of formal education beyond the usual grade school and Shakespeare stuff.
Are there any books you would suggest reading to learn more about poetry and how to write it?

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  1. TD Euwaite™

    Read the poetry. That is what I did. I learned the basics in High School. We read most of the important Poe, Frost, Thoreau, Longfellow, Kipling and Dickinson works by my Senior year.

    I started independently studying and writing poetry, off and on, when I was 27 or 28. I got discouraged after being turned down for publication. I started writing again when I was 35. I have been writing semi-steadily since then, about 15 years.


  2. Professor Armitage

    You should read some Walt Whitman. Perhaps Ernest Hemingway too. Although he didn’t do much poetry it would be good to develop a writing style.

  3. Red

    Honestly, just read poems. Poetry, in my opinion about self-expression. It’s about a revelation in any form or fashion. No rules can dictate it. It’s a formal version of free speech.

  4. frances l

    Kumara ! “Happy New Year”
    I like going on Google and search all types of poetry!
    I wish I could write some poems!

  5. Man Alive!

    I’ve NEVER read a single book,
    Or even bothered to take a look,
    At “how to” write a verse of prose;
    But as I WRITE, my talent grows!
    That’s what I’d say to the aspiring poet:
    START RIGHT IN, and before you know it,
    You’ll find that writing a poem or two,
    Will soon become “second nature” for you.
    For if you’re like me, you’ll find this out:
    Poetry is great to let feelings out,
    That you may have “bottled up” inside of you,
    That you just can’t SAY, but really want to!
    You’ll find that poetry becomes a tool,
    That lets others have a glimpse of you,
    Peering into the one known as YOU;
    Try what I’ve said, and you’ll see, ’tis TRUE!

    That’s MY advice! (Speaking from about 30 YEARS of experience!)

  6. Raven Garland

    Read a lot of poems. Read them out loud. Take them on walks with you anywhere and say them out loud to the world. Mostly though, read a lot of poems or read the same poems a lot.Thank you for posting this question!

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