What is a good poem idea for my digital poetry assignment?


What is a good poem idea for my digital poetry assignment?
I need to do a digital poetry assignment for my literature class, but I don’t know which poem to do. It has to be a video (The teacher said we could just use still pictures) with the poem either spoken aloud or written in the video, with a song in the background. I already know that I want to try and do a stop motion picture involving some stuffed animals (what they’re going to be doing is left unsaid right now), but I just need a poem to use.

Any ideas?

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Answer by Inkless Pen
I’m sorry but I can’t really think of any poem that would fit stuffed animals, or even real animals for that matter. But I can suggest the following:
‘The Lady of Shallot’ by Lord Alfred Tennyson is a beautiful poem about a cursed princess. You can get your friends to model for you and get some old-fashioned dresses (maybe from your school’s theatre?) and use a garden for a setting. If there is a lake or river in your area you can set out in boats (for the last part of the poem). If there isn’t a water body anywhere near by, make a small paper boat and set it afloat in your bathtub. Tuck in your sister’s cutest doll (which would be playing Lady of Shallot) and start filming your dramatic scene with a zoom-in camera.
Hope I helped & Wish you best of luck!

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