What is a good, explanatory poetry anthology for literature beginners?

I’m a high school student who loves literature and poetry, but I’m disappointed with how little poetry we read in school. Do you know of any good poetry books which have a variety of classical and famous poetry also with some background information about the poets, time period, etc. Not something too expensive, and not a textbook, but something for reading on my own time.

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  1. truefirstedition

    The hands-down best is the Norton Anthology of Poetry. This book is used in college-level English courses and is EXCELLENT. It’s not a textbook – it doesn’t have questions or activities or exercises. It’s a comprehensive volume of the most important poetry ever written. It covers all the important periods and movements in poetry; footnoted references for obscure words or concepts; and each section includes author biographies and historical context. It’s about $40 but I promise it’s worth it, and you could probably find it for less on half.com or ecampus.com.


  2. Fredy

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