What are some writing and poetry competitions i can enter?

i’m really competitive and like doing competitions . lately i’ve been more interested in writing and poetry and would like to enter some of it in competitions and whatnot .
what are some teen poetry competitions to enter, maybe with $ prizes ?? thank you !

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  1. Karen Z

    Here are some links for you:

    http://www.teenink.com/Contests/PoetryC.php -> Teen poetry contest.

    http://www.proofpositive.com/contests/writecontests.htm -> Ongoing contests. Make sure to click on “Deadline Writing Contests” as well.

    http://www.winningwriters.com/contests/free/fr_login.php -> Subscribe to their free newsletter to get info on dozens of poetry competitions.

    http://www.fundsforwriters.com/contests.htm -> Several writing contests listed here. I recommend that you subscribe to both FundsforWriters and FFW Small Markets to receive even more info on competitions and opportunities.

    http://www.thepoetrymarket.com/ – You can subscribe to their free monthly newsletter.

    Good luck and happy writing!

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