What are some modern poetry that you enjoy?

I am trying to get into poetry, but I have a hard time enjoying older poetry.

4 Responses to What are some modern poetry that you enjoy?

  1. lhallums82

    Lets be honest. Poetry sucks…………….Just kidding kinda. I guess I have to expand my poetry horizons. That will be my New Years resolution.

  2. Lily G

    Billy Collins is big right now–he was a poet laureate a few years ago.

    I really like Barbara Hamby and David Kirby. They’re married, but their poetry is completely different. I really enjoy it and both are getting more popular in the literary world.

    I’m baised, though, because the latter was my professor in college. :)

  3. truefirstedition

    Billy Collins is perhaps the most readable poet writing today. Try “Forgetfulness” (http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/forgetfulness/) and “Introduction to Poetry” (http://www.loc.gov/poetry/180/001.html).

    I also love Mark Strand, Brigit Pegeen Kelly, Philip Levine, Charles Wright (especially his book “Negative Blue”), Jay Wright, and Lisa Williams (a former professor of mine).

  4. TD Euwaite™

    I know this sounds asinine…but, if you watch very carefully, you will find poetic gems posted here from time to time. I think this is a place very different from the other on-line poetry forums. TD

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