What are good rules to have for a poetry club?

I’m the president of the creative writing/poetry club, and I’m the firs tone they’ve had, so I need help. What are good rules to have for the club? Please assist me.

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What are some rules for a poetry club;

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  1. DragonLady

    First rule of poetry club

    Dont talk about poetry club…

    *sorry I went there

  2. Anony, Yay! I'm one person!

    There is a website that I am a part of called allpoetry.com, and you could go to that website(or another poet website), and look at their rules, which are usually pretty good. Like no expletives, or w/e.


  3. Phyl Phantom

    I wouldn’t have too many rules, as it’s hard to be creative in a restricted environment. Ask around the group and see which rules they would be comfortable with. Don’t force anyone to follow rules that are generally unpopular.

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