Trust No One – Kind Of Has Poetic Ring to It – They Said


They had blamed the various culprits, their former spouse, the evil rich guys, and a few opposite political party leaders over the years. Indeed, I laughed and said “Trust No One” – it’s easier, as you are never let down that way. No expectations, means no disappointments.

They laughed and said; “You said Trust no one Kinda has a poetic ring to it, doesn’t it?” Yes, I like it. And, I realize that you cannot trust “no one” because they wouldn’t be anybody you see? In any case, I explained I just got done reading a book; “Our Undiscovered Universe – Introducing Null Physics, the Science of Uniform and Unconditional Reality,” by Terence Witt who postulates on Nothing, in that nothing does not exist; or in fact, since nothing is really something, it has always existed, and it has to exist in that case.

Indeed, here is another thought, if you “Trust No One” and no one does not exist, then you have no change of falling for BS. Maybe I should have said “Trust Null” – but in reality you can trust no one, and you can trust no two or more either. Since religions usually talk about the “chosen one” – don’t trust em’ – and trust “no thing” either, remember holograms are hollow, but cannot be trusted. And you cannot trust nothing, because “nothing” is false, nothing does not exist, therefore it does, but either way you can’t trust it. Ha ha ha, philosophy.

My acquaintance said something funny; “well, you are inadvertently not telling the whole truth about yourself.” In that, I must trust someone, thus, the “trust no one” motif would not be reality based and pretending to subscribe to it would be false, especially if one trusted themselves, as everyone is someone, thus, they would be too right? Sure, and the argument is circular, just another philosophical conundrum I suppose.

So, you can begin to see the problem with that line of reasoning and advice “trust no one” and it really becomes definitional anyway. But words and definitions are dangerous game, especially in human language, you can’t even trust humans to come up with an infallible language. You’d think by now they’d have come up with a better communication system. But surely, everyone trusts a little bit, even those who say they don’t trust. My acquaintance stated; “You can split hairs and say – I only trust her so far or I only trust him for ‘this’.” Indeed, yes, that’s correct.

Now then, I suppose if you have a dog, you trust your dog, humans, not so sure about the trust thing. Play it safe, keep it simple. Trust No One, I told them! Well, you can see how that may not be such a fun way to live one’s life, but I did enjoy playing devil’s advocate with that common phrase. If you have a common phrase, email me, and let’s attack it together. Please consider all this.

Lance Winslow is a retired Founder of a Nationwide Franchise Chain, and now runs the Online Think Tank – Lance Winslow believes it’s hard work to write 22,222 articles;


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