Today – Nate Poetics (Produced by PLJ)

I made this beat a few weeks ago. My friend Nate Poetics wrote some lyrics, and my buddy Jonah produced a little music video for it. ‘Carpe Diem’ watch it in HD for the best sound quality. Download Link: Nate Poetics: Jonah Feingold http

Today – Nate Poetics (Produced by PLJ)

23 Responses to Today – Nate Poetics (Produced by PLJ)

  1. miguelcruz323

    awesome work mates ! could you post the instrumental of song?

  2. faithtuckermusic

    Nate this is awesome!!!

  3. mayumiumiu1

    i love this beat and his voice!!!:D

  4. chucknate1090

    This track’s sick

  5. TheFouhrtLayer18

    beat sooo sick !!!!!!! love it !!! yessir freshnessss !

  6. kadejah09

    gosh yhur sexc wit pretty eyes

  7. eggroll651

    damn…this dope!

  8. MrClickKill

    Not bad you need more views

  9. bojanaznerol

    ei! nice!

  10. moodyman9122

    good stuff man!! keep it up.
    best of luck to ya :)

    p.s. PLJ… you’re badass. i might just try taking up violin this summer. ive always wanted to. thanks for the inspiration!

  11. pipedowndjh

    this is damn solid…great job to all involved

  12. NemoBkr10


  13. joshlopes00

    Not my style but quite liked it

  14. Assam0300


  15. NatePoetics

    Thank You all for the support!

  16. MondBluetenKind

    love it =)

  17. m2churc


  18. squeekybeck

    Great video!!

  19. RevolverFilms625

    I am impressed.

  20. circajesse

    its alright…. for an amateur

  21. BlacksAreBeautiful

    I have outgrown hip hop so its very seldom that I’m feeling these new artists, but I still know a dope beat when I hear one and this is def one! good work!

  22. lauraparviainen

    This is so amazing! You are all really talented.

  23. starstrukk280

    Yeess Rooftop scene ftw!! ;D
    awesome job guys!

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