Though I am not a language teacher I like to experiment linguistic capacity & creativity among the children. Linguistic creativity may be writing poems, stories, articles, etc. I have a lot of inclination towards extracting all these powers among the children. So many times I have experimented that the language creativity lies as Hidden treasure among the children unless & until extracted by the elders – may be teachers or parents. But the teacher plays a vital role to charge the hidden confidence of the child to build creativity & innovation, which is already hidden within him/her.


            Just before the summer vacation, I got a substitution class in STD X. I always use the substitution class as an useful & most creative one. I had already made up my mind to use this class to find out poetic skill among the children. I declared that Let’s go for a poetic journey. Think, everybody is a poet here. This class would be a class of poets. I inspired them by telling that God has created two things as noble- one is nature & second one is child. Let’s write poem on ‘Child’. I continued, “I ll start the poem with two lines , then you have to complete the poem . By the way I m also completing the same in a paper.”


The time to be a poet started. Now everybody jumped into the poetic arena to be a poet. I recalled the sayings of Sri Aurovindo, ‘Every person is a poet‘. I gave them only fifteen minutes time. Bravo!!! Miraculous effects!!! Half of the children completed nicely. Some children completed the poem so beautifully that I could not imagine even. Thus I experimented & became sure to get so many poets in this class.


Then till the bell rang, one by one the children read their poem in the class. The class was most exciting one. Everybody wanted to present his or her creation. But bad luck!!! The bell rang. All the children could not able to read their poems. I suggested them to write in paper or computerize which can be sent to different children’s magazines for publication.


Just imagine!!! When one poem of the child is published in a magazine, is not that the best inspiration to build him a poet? Yes , the skill within a child will be doubled because of the reorganization of that poem. So many magazines & news papers are their to welcome the writings of the children for the publication. We the teachers should visualize our duty towards the children to extract their hidden power.


You can’t believe!!! In my last school, Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Rayagada, Orissa, my inspiration created many poets & storywriters. When I left that school & joined here


in Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Unchahar, UP, I submitted as many as 150 nos. of publication of the children to the principal to prepare a publication collection file.


My experience says that even in STD III, IV & V children have the immense power of writing. They give shape of their feelings but the grammatical adjustment the teacher has to take care.


Among the magazines that encourage the children for publication, one such magazine is ‘Gokulam’ published from Chennai. If any writing of a child is published in that magazine the child is encouraged by giving a free copy of that issue, a participation certificate & some money as prize. I am proud of that magazine. Other magazines are like Children’s World, Val Vihar, etc. The newspapers like Indian Express, The Hindu etc also publish the paintings, writings & encourage them. So why don’t we inspire the children to be poets, writers, & painters from the very childhood? The greatest contribution of a teacher is that if he participate in the man making work- building the children as better & enlightened citizen as writers, poets, painters, speakers, scientists, etc.




*          Teacher may write so many meaningful words on the black board from which the children can choose any word as the title of their writing.


*          Teacher can start a story, poem & tell the children to complete the same.


*          Teacher can make groups (4,5) to think about a story & by adding each group’s feeling he can create a noble story or a poem.


*          Teacher can take the children outside the class room in the open field or an natural arena where there are birds, trees, open sky, flowers, etc.Then the children can be inspired to visualize themselves to feel & write poems.


Teacher must encourage by seeing even a spark of writing ability in the child by using positive reinforcement like ‘good’, ‘very good’, ‘excellent’, etc.


                                                                              By Mr.Harekrushna Behera




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