The Roots style beatbox and Quest Poetics Rhyme

Beatbox rhyme hip hop reggae bob marley damian questpoetics

The Roots style beatbox and Quest Poetics Rhyme

17 Responses to The Roots style beatbox and Quest Poetics Rhyme

  1. Neatosucka

    awesome possum. love it

  2. BigCalm55

    Sick dude!

  3. enkigen

    Pull up!!!!!

  4. thahardman

    man dat’s tight!
    Feeling ur style man!
    Feeling ur love for music too!

  5. ScreechRAPS

    cuz thats how you build a song

  6. rayzel83

    so dope, keep the hard work up!

  7. Niyabrock

    what song is this ?

  8. fourwalls

    hey post those lyrics man

  9. eebsofresh

    dude…dude…DUDE! frikken awesome ..thanks for sharing

  10. verevi

    sick dude. love it.

  11. Polskaboy28

    what do you use for looping your guitars/voice?

  12. electricwave


  13. brownbeararis

    what an amazing talent you have

  14. Rebelmonkpictures

    unbelievable… Just superb!

  15. Questpoetics

    bra that is f’ing awesome…Keep playing…I’ll post up more lessons…


  16. choked

    what a performance- feelin it the whole way through.

    Continue the guitar tutorials! Before today I had never picked up a guitar & I was playing crash in about 2 hours.

    Keep with it

  17. 9cimi

    Had to bust a YouTube account just to show love one time. (I have lagged on that for YEARS)

    THAT is hiphop right there. The man is a studio in and of himself.

    9Cimi from twitter showin Mad Love //de

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