The Poetics of Walking

Michel de Certeau writes about ‘the long poem of walking’ and here I am wondering what might be made of this phrase in terms of the examination of the particularities of walking which might give it the characteristics of a unique ‘poetics’.

The Poetics of Walking

4 Responses to The Poetics of Walking

  1. dannyOdr

    “Walking is constant falling and catching” I think that summarised my whole idea of what walking is. Thanks

  2. conferencereport

    Excellent. Charles Olson was really a mailman? That’s a great thing to know. Many thanks.

  3. penelec

    Everything you said = Charles Olson’s stint as a mailman.

  4. robbwindow

    Excellent Fred you diagnostic of walking brings a deeper understanding of the most healthy processes around since the beginning of man’s time.

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