The Mouse Poem By Sam Pepper

The Mouse <strong>Poem</strong> By Sam Pepper

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The Mouse Poem By Sam Pepper

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12 Responses to The Mouse Poem By Sam Pepper

  1. suckmygash

    @JackLoserBoyHuxley? I Giorni by Ludovico Einaudi

  2. pcgamerguy1234

    sorry? if it’s just me but doesn’t a poem have to have words in it? just saying, the video itself was good though

  3. kooliobabe

    This is actually really beautiful :)?

  4. xXxlibbybethxXx

    You bought a mouse and let it run around for 2:44? in London,In the dark? :D

  5. TheNaturallyAwkward

    Don’t know why I enjoyed this as much? as I did

  6. thecharlietribute

    oh my gosh I Giorni!!! FAAAVOURITE thing? to play on the piano!

  7. jazzybeck123

    @JackLoserBoyHuxley It’s called ‘I Giorni’? by Ludovico Einaudi. :)

  8. peacelovecookies24

    This? was strangely beautiful :)

  9. adelend17

    I? liked this video a lot more than I expected to.

  10. WelcomeToJosh

    I cant believe i just watched a 2;44? video of a mouse walking round

  11. SpectrumOfEquals

    @kaston552 Mouse? words are too high pitch for you to hear.

  12. TheGinge1998

    @DinosaurDaisyGadd fuck off then.?

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