The Gift of Poetry ? The Diversity of Poetic Inspiration


Poetry is written by those who have a gift for words, they place them upon paper to be read by others who are into the link; the joining up with others of like mind.  Poems can be written by many and various types of people, some writing only upon the happenings which are around and affect the lives of all, the rich, the famous and the ordinary in life. 
Others specialize in one particular subject, becoming known and respected for their knowledge and understanding of their chosen theme, writing about it in many interesting and sometimes unusual ways, having taken much care and research to perfect their work. A poem can be that of rhyme or can be in one of many forms, different from that of other ways or styles. Some write of things that are present in their own mind, bringing them out into the open to be pondered over by others who like to read of things that are at variance with their own thinking.  
Poems can be short, and to the point or they can be long in the ways of making. They can tell a story, true or fictitious, they can express our fears, our hopes, beliefs or emotions or may be just words that link into something that is current for that time and day.  
Poems can be descriptive in ways that no other written words are capable of, and can bring beauty, meaning and rhythm into that of their message, which otherwise might have been dull and uninteresting when merely spoken in the ways of normal, everyday conversation..  Words are especially meaningful when written to be read aloud to others gathered around. There are some people who have a wonderful gift for reading, they can bring a poem or verse to life, giving to it additional passion, sincerity or a feeling of great importance in the world.  
Poets are people who think a great deal, seeing around them greater beauty or possibly more sadness than that experienced by others. They can be a very mixed bunch from all walks of life, not knowing at times what pleasure or understanding they give to others by their written work.  
Many take weeks to put just one poem together, adding, deleting, and altering over and over again, until satisfied with the finished article. Others may take a much shorter time, the words just seeming to flow effortlessly from the pen, but in the end, the words taken down are arranged in such a way that others may take pleasure from them. 
A good poet is one who takes not from another but follows only their own thoughts and traits, often making a real difference to the world around them.

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