Talib Kweli – Def Poetry Jam

A performance by Talib Kweli on Russel Simmons Def Peotry Jam

Talib Kweli – Def Poetry Jam

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25 Responses to Talib Kweli – Def Poetry Jam

  1. shikshashasha

    This is just amazing<3

  2. blacksoilder10

    @infamousreligion93 it is because the general public is stupid

  3. dhxstm


  4. thaproductz

    All I got to say is …. DAMN !!! I wouldn’t want to go after that!

  5. infamousreligion93

    This Should Have Over TEN MILLION FUCKING VIEWS.
    easy. how can justin bieber overpower simple, sheer talent and knowledge?

    fuck america mann

  6. CMLacinaPoetry

    Thank you Kweli for asking the qustions that all of us Christian should ask but few of us Christians are brave enough to ask. I have to have respect for a man like you.

  7. teenytainytz

    @00wolfsbane LOL that is a hot mess, plagiarism is illegal!

  8. LAExcitement

    @ThumbsUpMike You cant really mention Nas being underrated cuss hes already one of the greatest and AZ is dope dnt get me wrong i like AZ hes wicked with his lyrics but Kweli has more knowledge and can spread in ways that you can listen to him alll dayy then him, but all respect to AZ.

  9. 00wolfsbane

    wow i just came from a poetry slam at my skool, and my friend won. but know i realize he stole the “real Muslims believe in paradise and resistin shay tan” from talib. ima be all up in his face for that

  10. craneraaudiovideo

    talib ,,hes good ..check out —crane shine — crane cloud nine — on you tube

  11. LiBlub1


  12. simmeeaymes

    Ayoo to all you sincere hip-hop and poetry lovers, give my channel a lil peep. Only 1 vid so far so I need some of ya’ll to subscribe and observe me develop as an artist. I rap, produce, am a musician, graphic artist, and poet. All of which I will be posting up soon. so stay tuned!

  13. TheDChillin

    Yo, if you’re a fan of Real Rap/HipHop:
    check out (on youtube):
    Artist: Khartoum the Headless Horse
    From: Toronto
    Songs: Okay + Patience
    Channel: KhartoumtheHHorse
    This kid’s gonna be big so don’t miss out on his story. Plus, what is there to lose, it’ll take? 2 minutes to see whether you like it or not.
    Like this comment if you liked it.
    Thanks, Cheers

  14. cRoFtcHiK

    *click,click,click,click* Love this!!

  15. ThumbsUpMike

    @LAExcitement most underrated MC’s to ever touch the mic has to be AZ
    AZ is fkn insane and has never, not once gotten any media attention

    Talib kweli has gotten some, same with Nas

    but AZ gets nothing!

  16. sumodadalchimst

    @LASALLIONSTALLION As much as I liked it… this piece of perfection is in no need of other instrumental music, as the words are powerful as is.

  17. emceecall

    one of the realest pieces of all time, brother talib… peep the video response on my page (“emcee call: I’m Religious”) if you get a minute… much love, my siblings

  18. Laviedusurrealisme

    @LAExcitement That’s reality right there. Seriously.

  19. LAExcitement

    The most underrated mc to ever touch the mic.
    Wish more rappers had the ablilty to spread their knowledge like Kweli.

  20. anointed33


  21. keithmoonaddict

    @LASALLIONSTALLION Wow, that’s sick

  22. ayjayg95

    yeah he did. called heaven or hell .ft jean grae on his album “eardrum”

  23. ayjayg95

    yeah he did. called heaven or hell .ft jean grae on his album “eardrum”

  24. ircmaster

    @TheLadywiththelog You should consider maybe that my comment was a joke. I know who King James is and why he was mentioned.

  25. prazyfrazy

    I’m sure @ircmaster was just kidding. I doubt anyone would be serious about that.

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