Suheir Hammad – Def Jam Poetry

I uploaded this video because I think it’s the best counterargument to the red haired woman in the Tyra Banks Show -Suheir Hammad- there have been no words. i have not written one word. no poetry in the ashes south of canal street. no prose in the refrigerated trucks driving debris and dna. not one word. today is a week, and seven is of heavens, gods, science. evident out my kitchen window is an abstract reality. sky where once was steel. smoke where once was flesh. fire in the city air and i feared for my sister’s life in a way never before. and then, and now, i fear for the rest of us. first, please god, let it be a mistake, the pilot’s heart failed, the plane’s engine died. then please god, let it be a nightmare, wake me now. please god, after the second plane, please, don’t let it be anyone who looks like my brothers. i do not know how bad a life has to break in order to kill. i have never been so hungry that i willed hunger i have never been so angry as to want to control a gun over a pen. not really. even as a woman, as a palestinian, as a broken human being. never this broken. more than ever, i believe there is no difference. the most privileged nation, most americans do not know the difference between indians, afghanis, syrians, muslims, sikhs, hindus. more than ever, there is no difference.

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suheir hammad there have been no words;

25 Responses to Suheir Hammad – Def Jam Poetry

  1. KiarraakaFrikitona

    what u said about evil is so true.

  2. willpwn4cash

    Your words are so explosive with sensitivity yet filled with the compassion of a beautiful gentle heart. Your gift from God is a true blessing that needs to continue, by teaching the human heart to forgive & love our brothers & sisters.

  3. Aversie


  4. GazaBleeds

    Excellent work

  5. PelvicDinko

    I hate when the crowed claps. Like just let her finish. They mess up her flow.

  6. marinawha


  7. lilpac90

    This is a powerful and emotional poem!
    Very deeeep!

  8. Trailslayer

    @theiceman74 You don’t get it, you never will. Good luck surviving your suicide bombing buddies

  9. theiceman74

    @Trailslayer u missed the point like u missed the point of the poetry….the point of language is to communicate and understand eachother, not to score point dumb fuckk….go watch your FOX news, dont waste my time..

  10. Trailslayer

    @theiceman74 let me get this straight, you’re attempting to communicate to me in English but don’t think it’s important to know how to spell correctly, even while insulting my intelligence? Homeschool didn’t really work out for you man, take it up with your mother

  11. theiceman74

    @Trailslayer its only u dumb fuck cares about spelling…lol…u are one little programed toy….dont reply to me please i got no time for this nonsense

  12. Trailslayer

    @theiceman74 I love uneducated morons who misspell three letter words like “you” and “too” calling others dumb and idiots. Good luck in life

  13. theiceman74

    @Trailslayer idiot..u watchin 2much cnn..dumb fuck

  14. gsa7642gmail

    Liberalism at its finest.

  15. parsprincess

    I cried watching this :( so beautiful…

  16. ypsilanti14

    this was the best poem

  17. emahunn

    POUVOIR AUX GENS, SUHEIR!!! This poem is just not for Palestinians, for our Middle Eastern brothers and sisters, for Black people, for white people, for Red people, etc, etc. This poem is for humanity; raw, unadulterated humanity!!

  18. MISSbeatsNOTbombs

    Love love love her. She gives me goosebumps everytime I watch this.

  19. MsShoppingqueen

    tears in my eyes this is deep an o so real

  20. MsKayrose

    every thing she say is so true,she’s real……….are those tears in my eyes?DEEP SHIT

  21. Escapesweetpain

    so deep, so true

  22. CeeohStylez

    i cry every time maaaan

  23. poetiktearz

    and again, i’m back…i can’t get enough of this piece


    deeeeeeeeeeeeep . wow, she’s cold

  25. sybfox

    Brought tears to my eyes….

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