Stones Throw x Wax Poetics 45 Live

Wax Poetics & Stones Throw, in partnership with Maker’s Mark and Converse, present “45 Live” featuring DJ sets of all 45s from 14KT, J Rocc, Amir, Dam-Funk, PB Wolf, and Madlib, with special guest DJ Rhettmatic. Shot and edited by Mathew R. Warren. Photographs by Yaggi Photography. Reporting contributed by Allen Thayer. To hear more from Stones Throw, visit Wax Poetics Digital:

Stones Throw x Wax Poetics 45 Live

20 Responses to Stones Throw x Wax Poetics 45 Live

  1. hazyviews

    the track that dam-funk plays at the end is the verdict – that’s where i come in

  2. idontuseyewtube

    Earth Wind & Fire – Brazilian Rhyme. You guys should know that!

  3. whitewallwonder

    Keep them 45s goin all night! 2 for the price of one, beatjuggle em and you got yoself a 45 live party! But no 45 live shindig is complete without the 45 King. Nuff said.

  4. tokyo1crates

    earth wind and fire ;)

  5. ADAtl11

    I LIKE THJS!!!!madlib part in particular hahah

  6. checkabreak

    wow fun shitz !!

  7. guerillatribe

    dope! wish they’d have a show like that up in seattle . . bring some of that stones throw music up to the northwest please!!

  8. demestric74

    Bboy Bilal reppin’ Texas in the video!Stones Throw rocks!!

  9. utub3cansuckmyc0ck

    I think the 1st song is earth wind & fire’s “brazilian rhyme”, anyone know that joint dam-funk plays

  10. LhiPhiL

    what joint madlib is playing at 1:08?

  11. ThousandHolds

    What’s the first track being played?

  12. jonnytoon9

    What’s the tune dam-funk plays??

  13. ShamDeLaDef

    DJ’ s getting mad respect… love seeing that

  14. ThaSwedishWonda

    Nice !
    Wish I was there…

  15. nt1nO

    @oliverchambers Find it :D

  16. Timberwolve21

    *also interested in first track* =D

  17. rettersvess

    yes please if anyone can ID that last track….. pleas.

  18. oliverchambers

    whats the track at the very beginning i know it i’ve got on vinyl somewhere i can’t remember what it is for the life of me though

  19. whouwantme2b

    i would love to host this function here in st louis, mo with your publication!
    st louis is ALWAYS left off the radar, i am in te process of introducing st louis to more jazz and funk and blues!

  20. nt1nO

    0:05 track i.d pls ? abd 1:47 when dam funk is playing!!!pls!!

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