Simon & Garfunkel – A Poem on the Underground Wall

Simon & Garfunkel - A <strong>Poem</strong> on the Underground Wall

The last train is nearly due, The underground is closing soon, And in the dark deserted station, Restless in anticipation, A man waits in the shadows. His restless eyes leap and scratch, At all that they can touch or catch, And hidden deep within his pocket, Safe within its silent socket, He holds a colored crayon. Now from the tunnels stony womb, The carriage rides to meet the groom, And opens wide and welcome doors, But he hesitates, then withdraws Deeper in the shadows. And the train is gone suddenly On wheels clicking silently Like a gently tapping litany, And he holds his crayon rosary Tighter in his hand. Now from his pocket quick he flashes, The crayon on the wall he slashes, Deep upon the advertising, A single worded poem comprised Of four letters. And his heart is laughing, screaming, pounding The poem across the tracks rebounding Shadowed by the exit light His legs take their ascending flight To seek the breast of darkness and be suckled by the night.

Simon & Garfunkel – A Poem on the Underground Wall

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19 Responses to Simon & Garfunkel – A Poem on the Underground Wall

  1. evilthesaurus

    I’ve seen someone write on the subway wall, and as I was watching him write this song played in my head? and the world seemed all the more magical.

  2. ASoapyWaffle

    @MegaKuuChan No, it could not be? death.

  3. abanemare

    Brilliant song, thanks for the download. “Wordsmith” is an overused description these days but that’s? exactly what they are

  4. CanCan2623

    @lupitawhisper Wow, I never thought of that.? It fits perfectly, though.

  5. CanCan2623

    @AprilFoolNeverSent Me too. I? mean, it makes sense. I just wonder about the “beautifully illustrated” part in their introduction of the live version.

  6. AprilFoolNeverSent

    My? money’s on “FUCK”.

  7. Kapiszczur

    God, how I love music…My father used to listen to S&G over and over again. Going back to this old music is like time machine, or pure? nostalgia. Cheers

  8. lupitawhisper

    P.S – I? always thought the word was ‘JUMP’

  9. lupitawhisper

    probably my favourite? song, beautiful :)

  10. Liton777

    this song blew my mind while? I was trippin

  11. FunkadelicMary

    this is one of the greatest songs? i’ve ever heard

  12. dani87o

    @MegaKuuChan i have a live? version where he does explain it. and it was funny.

  13. firecatforty

    @jwhaler82? Whatever, that is a great metaphor.

  14. guardianangel390

    How can someone hate this song, or at least dislike it? The song was amazing? :x

  15. MegaKuuChan

    I really don’t understand why everyone’s debating on which word was written on the wall. It could be “LOVE”, “DEATH”, “FUCK”…
    The reason they didn’t? clarify in the song is directly so people would have their own ideas about what that same “word” could be. So although I enjoy everyone’s opinion, I don’t really like the debate on this, or the snooty comments.

  16. theceltbeserk1

    This song brings me back to a most awesome Girlfriend, that I treated most badly. She played this song for me on Vinyl when I told her? I liked S&G. This was in the 80’s, and I thought my parents had all of S&G, but this song was new. Karen Malde, if you ever read this post, know that my life has never felt satisfactory after treating you the way I did. I am sorry.

  17. DragonRider22

    @Kanoee64 It’s always? “HELP’ they just spell it differently.

  18. Kanoee64

    I? always thought the “word’ must have been “HELP” dont know why?

  19. jaymanela

    “And as we left the station, I took a glance at the subway wall? – in front of which we had taken
    all the pictures for the first time that day. And noticed that written there, rather legibly, in
    the Baroque-style common to New York wall writers was. . . was the all-familiar suggestion.
    And rather beautifully illustrated as well.” -Art G

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