Setareh Poem (Stars) ? IranBrave Poetry ? ??? ????? ? Faryad Persian Poet Poem

ENGLISH SUBTITLE ? Every loving heart is a Star! The roar of courage is a Star! A tribute to all brave Iranians who seek freedom and justice.

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19 Responses to Setareh Poem (Stars) ? IranBrave Poetry ? ??? ????? ? Faryad Persian Poet Poem

  1. FreeIranPlease

    Dear Faryad, it is beautiful, your poems always are.

  2. azad450

    great video?

  3. theshirzadegan1

    ba dorud!
    por ehsas va mani va delangiz…..hamid.

  4. EncompassedRunner

    thank you for putting also English subtitles, so I, too, can be moved in my soul by this amazing poem

  5. IranBrave

    THANK YOU EVERYONE for your kind words & support! It is appreciated…

  6. EverlearningSoul

    such an absolute beautiful work. Amazingly performed with great combination of poetry and imagery.

  7. yolantida

    Very beautiful and artistic…..great choice of music and photos…the video is very appealing both visually and audially…..
    Thank you for writing poems in honor of great Iranians!

  8. NedaSoltan

    so beautiful, I have no word to describe it, maybe breathtaking

  9. TheZibatarinMoosighi

    @yekeshgh1 i am so greatful i found Iranbrave last year ..his poems touches hearts..and spread loving feelings..thank you doste aziz..? ? ?

  10. yekeshgh1

    @TheZibatarinMoosighi Thank you for this beautiful share sis?

  11. Eleusha

    ????? ???? ?????????

    ?????? ? ?????? ??? ???? ??????? ?? ??????
    ???? ????? ?? ????
    ???? ??? ?? ?????
    ? ???? ??? ?? ??????

    ?? ??????? ? ??????

  12. ThisBoyTV

    Peace to You my Friend

  13. asderakh

    thank you for another great poem! and thank you for the subtitles! :)

  14. grannie4peace

    its so beautiful-thank you

  15. TheZibatarinMoosighi

    @TheVeni1 haha well there is no color on freedom :)but i take your point.V for Victory and Azadi

  16. TheVeni1

    @TheZibatarinMoosighi Green Roses are Best!! Azadi!!! :)

  17. TheVeni1

    @TheZibatarinMoosighi Green Roses are Best!! Azadi!!! :)

  18. jajarad

    Ba doroud va sepase faravan douste nazanin. Besyr, besyar shere zibast !
    Mamnoun az lotfetan !

  19. TheZibatarinMoosighi

    Waaaaaaaaa bah bah Faryad jan,you leave me speachles!! PERFECT my friend,
    i love it so much !!!

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