Russell Brand does jazz poetry – Russell Brand on the Road – BBC documentary

Russell Brand visits the museum that currently plays host to the travelling manuscript of Jack Keroauc’s epic novel ‘On the Road’. The book was written in a 3 week sleepless coffee-fuelled splurge on one roll of parchment. Comedian Russell Brand pays his respects to the scroll before meeting it’s present owner. Brilliant video from BBC travel documentary ‘Russell Brand on the Road’.

16 Responses to Russell Brand does jazz poetry – Russell Brand on the Road – BBC documentary

  1. artistsandbox

    gotta love people who consider themselves beats, take poetry very seriously and all get in a room and recite something somebody else wrote with jazz music playing in the background

  2. whatisoriginal1

    i love the experiance, the way the musicians experianced Russ’ experiance.

    pfush, i think ill have to go visit NY

  3. transgirlnz

    who wrote that crap poem he was reading..and his accent is annoying

  4. killlagger468

    bowery poetry club in NYC. whoot i go just about every monday

  5. Davidbensonxyz

    Wow! The girl at 2:13 has a beautiful mouth! #

    “I love, love, love women. I think women are wonderful”

  6. BlobsAloud

    “feel what’s in your heart’ the look on his face was like ‘That’s probably not a good idea cause it’s SHAGGIN!”

  7. wizardofroz86

    wow wow wow

  8. LukePhillipsWINS


  9. jonmarklong


    not laughing at your poetry shatzdoodle, just at how you trivialised it by signing off with your name: Shatzdoodle.


  10. IN73RJ3c7I0N

    How lovely <3 <3 <3

  11. loslogo


  12. Sonik1980

    Where the hell did that feather duster come from?

  13. shatzedoodle

    Lord, snotty BS, sorry, I was captured by my own pomposity. Others here at my home encouraged me to post the previous, self-written off shoulder remarks. But, that is not reality. We can’t see it, due to our own broken glass…. okay, I’ll stop…Suffice to say, love ya Russell, go forward, go go go…..

  14. shatzedoodle

    New surprises linger at every corner, Mr. Russell Brand. At first notice, I’d have certainly mistaken you for a Bukowski fellow, but I am the one mistaken. How unfortunate. you breathe the living fellows, sauntering down, swaggering laguidly, hot summer, sweaty fellowships. Leave me and my ungodliness to Thompson and all our ragged fools….


  15. lillottie007

    i <3 matt morgan!!

  16. emmetyousee

    this was such a blooming good show.

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