Rumi: Sufi Poem

A Rumi poem fused with images and music. see more: Stars on a Dark Night

Rumi: Sufi Poem
2012 Enlightened: The Most Important Book Of Our Times
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2012 Enlightened: The Most Important Book Of Our Times

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25 Responses to Rumi: Sufi Poem

  1. bearmanmr

    Beautiful thank you WE ARE ONE xxx

  2. SrTheChief

    Yes i too interpreted to a “dying of SELF”, which all wisdom traditions teach. Not only is he taught in schools, but I understand that he is one of the most studied poets in Western civilization. I believe he was a channel, a mirror, of God. Dedicated to my friend, the Butterfly.

  3. FreespiritPaul

    “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it” Rumi. For more quotes and stories please check out my website freespiritualways

  4. ahmetsai



  5. Alaaeddinebarakat

    There is harmony between the words and the music. That’s why you can’t but fall in love with this video…

  6. zzinglish53

    The Sufi Master, Attar, having met Rumi as a young boy, is said to have commented:
    “There goes a river dragging an ocean behind it.”


    @9eazemaker interesting I have read a book about the new age man Aquarius something pisces something,60’s acid trip revelations lol please elaborate sir I am interested. this is definitly about dying in order to live, ending and new beggining, freeing urself…but please elaborate and yes peace be open the Prophet Mohammad sws

  8. 9sinuhe

    so beautiful

  9. 9sinuhe

    oh…….this is so beautiful!…..I have’nt got any words
    just silence…….

  10. 9sinuhe

    wow…so beautiful…I really love it….
    Rumi was a great Master…

  11. paxpacisrider

    Mashallah so beautifull…Bless you for this video

  12. Temya9

    Ah, dearest Master of poetry and Love, our beloved Rumi forever!

  13. TheSupercheen

    What is Rumi?

  14. binbaaznajdi


    See my new video about Salafis and Wahhabis.

  15. HaraZen13

    I can always turn to Rumi when the burdens of life become overwhelming, but this does not lift the weight of these burdens… It opens my eyes to the beauty of having the strength to carry them at all.

    Rumi comes from a place of love and compassion, that is all that matters to me.

  16. HaraZen13

    I can always come to Rumi when the burdens of life seem unbearable, and he does not lift the weight, but shows me the beauty of being asked to bear them…

  17. artistdigital

    @wellandso What you quoted is a state that overtakes the Sufis. Its called “Fana fil Haqq” ie “Absorbed/lost/non-existent in Divinity” then they proceed to a state called
    “Baqa” ie “Existence”, where they feel that they are everything ie trees, water, earth, sky etc then they are overtaken by a state called “Laqa” ie “both existing and non-existing at the same time”. Often miracles, called “kiramat”, takes place at the hands of Sufis, in a state called “Wajad”…

  18. 9eazemaker

    for me, this is about the water cycle, the cycle between feelings and thoughts, journeying between heart/mind, and giving wingz to the bird of the mind and taking flite thru the crown and into God-consciousness and beginning with that new life, the life of the new man, the new age man, Aquarius.. I hope yu are all prepared for this transition between pisces and aQuaraysh/Aquarius, the age of Mohammad [PBUH] Peace!

  19. 9eazemaker

    forever rumi <3

  20. 786leandro

    I love Rumi

  21. LaurentziuRo

    Verry beautiful poem, music, video

  22. Deyannah

    beautiful video, my dear friend!

  23. SpainDocumentals

    @nanderson1965 Amen

  24. sansshame45

    behold the silence has lots to utter

  25. MrsCookielisious

    If I will marry one day, this song will be play in church :)

    How can somebody create such a wonderful melody ?!

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