Q&A: How do you start a poem about Christmas?


How do you start a poem about Christmas?
I need to write a poem about Christmas. How do I start? I need it not rhyming, and I can get going after I get it started. I don’t know what type of poem to do, either. If you tell me how to get started(you dont need to start it for me) I can follow through and get the poem done. Please?

Best answer:

Answer by kylesito03
When life is rough and unforgiving,
at least we know that christmas is near;
To help fill that empty space in our hearts
with love and that jolly christmas cheer

that’s good??? best i can come up with. If you need any other help just leave an answer on any of my questions asking me for help and i’ll respond. Hope it helped:)

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One Response to Q&A: How do you start a poem about Christmas?

  1. Andrea

    Christmas has arrived
    Winter flakes fall silently
    A thin sheet of white

    – Andrea


    I wrote it, but feel free to use it or change it around.

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