Q&A: How do you make a poem about nature?


How do you make a poem about nature?
Can you make a poem about nature for at least 3 stanzas? The best poem will receive 10 points!

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Answer by booted2manyTIMEs
how and do.

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4 Responses to Q&A: How do you make a poem about nature?

  1. mq1987_se

    just feel and smell

  2. j_akshat9899

    just sit near to the river iamgine the various things that are gifted to us by god.look at the trees which are giving us fruits without any self intrest ,look at the river which flows continuiously throughout the year just to give us water.the air is flowing all the times so that we can breath….. and many more things……………… look friend THE WORLD IS TOO MUCH WITH US.

  3. unrealoreo2003

    haikus are very nature oriented. but probably arent what you are looking for.

    Nature is mighty freakin cool
    The stillness is what makes it clear
    To find tranquility in life is God’s tool
    The happiness makes me want to cheer

    All of my life ive been pondering
    The importance of peace
    I dont remember how long my mind’s been wandering
    like a flock of wild geese

    Nature should be protected
    because it wont last forever
    It will only last as long as
    it is your endevour

    yeah, i just made this up….its not good. but hey, it gets the job done. it goes….abab cdcd efge order

  4. gruumsh

    So basically the real question here should be “will you write me a poem about nature” and not “HOW do you make a poem about nature”.

    So my answer will be for the benefit of the other surfers looking for ideas on the original question…

    Find a spot in nature that fills you with emotion. Watch a sunset or sunrise. Go to a mountain spot and admire the panoramic scenery. Find something that just blows you away. Then try to capture that with words.

    Or you could do the same in reverse. Try to find the wonder in something really small. Ants for instance. Or dandelions. Hummingbirds. Take something that people take for granted and give it a sense of wonder.

    Anyway that’s how I’d write a poem about nature.

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