Publishing a book of poetry

The journey usually starts with a friend or family members telling you maybe you should get your work of poetry publish because it is so good. You probably said, “I don’t think my work of poetry is good enough for others to read. I only write to share with friends.” Well, maybe it was not quite like that, but usually we always start by sharing our work with friends and families. As time passed, you probably continued sharing your poetry and you continue to hear the praise coming from their lips about how good your poetry is. You convinced yourself maybe it would not be a bad idea to at least try to see if anyone would give you an opportunity and publish your work.

This is probably where your journey into the dark side of publishing started. Everyone in the publishing industry turns your work down. The letters are saying things such as: “that it’s not what we are looking for right now.” Your self-esteem stumble and all your friends and family who always praise you continued with their encouragements, but you know your chances are close to zero on getting a major publishing house to publish you. Then you start to hear about self-publishing and went to Google to locate a self-publishing company to help bring your dream to realty. The sales representative tells you how you can create your own book and own the rights to your work and the royalty will better than industry average. The only thing is, you would have to share in the cost of the publishing.

You agree and $1,200 later you have your book. You went to all your friends and most him purchase a copy, though it was way over price, but they did it to support you. After you sold your friends a few of your poetry books, you sat around waiting for the self-publisher’s website to help you generate sales, until they told you have to pay more money if you want a promotional campaign for your book. Now you realized you did not even break even from the first $1,200 you spent; now they want you to pay more money. If you are smart you would stop. Today, I want you to know you are not alone.

My name is Gamelz and here at you will get a chance to read all of my books for fre. I always wanted to write and publish books just like you, but never realize the challenge I would face trying to get a publisher to look at my manuscript. I went the route you always hear a writer should not go, and that was to self-publish. I write short-stories and poetry. I realized this genre has very little appeal to book publishers because they are not able to generate a profit from that type of publishing. Once my book came from the printing company, I realized very quickly I was not going to generate huge sales and that I needed to share it with others. So, I decided to create this website www, and offer the book for free to those who want to read it.

I did not write to make money. I wrote it because I enjoy writing and wanted to share it with others. This site will include my entire writing portfolio, again, for free. As an aspiring writer, I am always looking to be part of a new and exciting project. Please take a look around to see my site and read my work and my distinctive style of writing and let me know what you think about I would appreciate it very much. I would conclude by saying for you not to give up on your dream to publish poetry or any other style of writing; it is a wonderful feeling to share your publish work.

My name is Gamelz Cinevert.

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