Poetry Speaks to Children

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Product Description

In the tradition of Poetry Speaks, the anthology named a Best Book of 2002 by School Library Journal, and praised by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer as “a volume to delight longtime lovers of poetry and to spark new love for poetry, especially among the young,” Sourcebooks MediaFusion is proud to introduce the joy of the written and spoken word in Poetry Speaks to Children.

Parents, educators, librarians, and poetry enthusiasts have wondered for years how to get children really interested in poetry. Until now, there hasn’t been a collection of poems and poets that spoke directly to that elusive audience. Poetry Speaks to Children cracks through that barrier by packaging the best poems by the best authors along with a CD-making the engrossing and often mischievous verses come alive in the voices of many of the creators.

Poetry Speaks to Children reaches into the world of poetry and pulls out the elements children love: rhyme, rhythm, fun and, every once in a while, a little mischief.

More than 90 poems, for children ages six and up, celebrate the written word and feature a star-studded lineup of beloved poets, including: Roald Dahl; J. R. R. Tolkien; Robert Frost; Gwendolyn Brooks; Ogden Nash; John Ciardi; Langston Hughes; Sonia Sanchez; Seamus Heaney; Canada’s best-loved children’s poet, Dennis Lee; Rita Dove; Billy Collins; Nikki Giovanni and X. J. Kennedy.

On the accompanying CD, 52 of the poems are brought to life-most read by the poets themselves-allow the reader to hear the words as the poets intended.

Hear Gwendolyn Brooks growl her rhyming verse poem “The Tiger Who Wore White Gloves, or, What You Are You Are” with verve and inflection-relaying the story of the striped cat who “rushed to the jungle fair for something fine to wear,” much to the hoots of his jungle peers. Amid jeers, sneers and sighs, the tiger eventually learns to be comfortable in his own striped skin! (or fur as it were!).

Follow Ogden Nash as he tells of the brave little Isabel, who “didn’t worry, didn’t scream or scurry” when confronted with a ravenous bear, a one-eyed giant or a troublesome doctor. Her clever solutions to problems (“She turned the witch into milk and drank her”) will keep even the most reluctant readers interested.

Listen to James Berry, who quells a little girl’s anxieties about her color by celebrating the marriage of “night and light,” emphasizing how all colors are necessary in nature, in “Okay, Brown Girl, Okay.”

Turn the page and tune in . . . kids won’t be the only ones hooked!

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5 Responses to Poetry Speaks to Children

  1. Julia Harris

    My 4 and 6 year old really enjoy when I read to them from the book, but what they listen to all day is the CD! Since the book arrived, the CD has been playing non-stop. Who would have thought that poetry would replace disney songs? I am thrilled.
    Rating: 5 / 5
    Poetry Speaks to Children

  2. M. Levine

    I am an English teacher and had used Poetry Speaks when teaching poetry to my high school students. Poetry is meant to be heard, not just read, and who better to read it than the actual poets? When I found Poetry Speaks to Children at Bank Street Bookstore in Manhattan, I bought it for my sons (5 and 8) in the hope that I could spark their interest in poetry. Playing the CD seemed like a good way to introduce it to them without taking away from their beloved bedtime stories. I never thought they’d like it as much as they do. Every night after I turn out the lights, I let the CD play. They fall asleep to the sound of the poems, and in the morning, I am amazed by what they remember. My younger son cited two lines from the first poem, “Dig In” after only hearing it twice and talks constantly about the Jabberwock. They each have their favorites, and I’m sure they will develop new ones in time. I can’t recommend this enough!
    Rating: 5 / 5
    Poetry Speaks to Children

  3. S. Brainerd

    A great mix of poems that our children loved to listen to, following the spoken word on the CD along with the illustrations. I came home from work one day to see my 3 year old quietly listening and following along — not a common site to see him this concentrated. The color illustrations are great and the voices varied. Recommended for long car rides!
    Rating: 5 / 5
    Poetry Speaks to Children

  4. Timothy E. Ursiny

    I left this book on the family room table planning to give it to my 4 year old. However, he found it before I could give it to him and was completely captivated. He LOVED it! In fact, we had to leave a few hours later for an errand and he wanted to bring it in the car with him. That was even before we played the CD for him. This book is an incredible gift for children and hopefully will reignite an interest in poetry for all ages. You can’t go wrong with buying this book; the illustrations are enchanting and the CD is wonderful.
    Rating: 5 / 5
    Poetry Speaks to Children

  5. Shonna Gariepy

    My kids, ages 5 and 19months LOVE this CD. They laugh together at the sillier poems and the inflection of the readers’ voices and my daughter is always asking me to put this on. For myself, the gift is listening to the poets read their work, or have others read for them. Case in point: Basil Rathbone reading Poe. To hear the likes of Robert Frost read their work is magic in itself. This is perfect for children *and* adults, and is brilliant for those quiet evenings at home when you’d rather not have the television on.
    Rating: 5 / 5
    Poetry Speaks to Children

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