Poetry Of The Deed – Frank Turner – Official Video

Official video for single “Poetry Of The Deed”, taken from the album of the same name. Out now on Xtra Mile Recordings (UK) / Epitaph Records (rest of the world). (C) & (P) 2009 Xtra Mile Recordings. Shot by Ben Morse on tour in the UK October 2009.

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Frank Turner shirtless;

25 Responses to Poetry Of The Deed – Frank Turner – Official Video

  1. 06aldhelms

    @UTubeMinority Honestly, at the bristol gig it was so damn hot, hottest gig I’ve ever been too, I’m amazed he kept his trousers on.

  2. 06aldhelms

    1:29 to 1:37 , me making Frank Turner smile, which makes a change!

  3. PirateMetalFTW

    Why does his next London show have to be the same day that im going to see Bullet For My Valentine… :( :(

  4. rockgodshanley

    @excel04 Truer words were never spoken!!

  5. UTubeMinority

    I’ve never seen FT shirtless before this. Hoooooot.

  6. hamroun12


    Drama whoar.

  7. LeGod89

    Winchester boy – does us proud.

  8. killswitchengagefan4

    going to see him live :D whoop!

  9. fifib90

    i can seeeeeeee you Reece! :L
    thanks for introducing me to Franks music, he is God :) <3

  10. glitzerite

    great song!

  11. thepunkfish109

    Haha… 2:53 going all Spyder Tracy on that shit.

  12. thepunkfish109

    @excel04 My friend, you could not be more goddamn right. I’m 23, but you’re saying the exact thing that I was thinking, better than I could. Enjoy the tune!

  13. TheGreenDayFan33

    Good luck to you Frank, haven’t heard a lot before but have been listening to you steadily and look forward to seeing you support Green Day at Wembley tonight. Gonna be a good show… XD


    @GirthyTrees You legend

  15. Greendaykid645

    yay their supporting green day on the 19th

  16. KissesFromAKitKat

    @GirthyTrees I was there toooo! A couple of rows back though. Yeah, possibly the single hottest gig I have ever been to, and he said it was his too, hence the half-nakedness. Gutted they cut out the shots they got of the audience singing a capella. One of the bets gigs I’ve been to, seeing him at Reading Fest this summer too. Genius man.

  17. stephenhayko

    I first became familiar with Frank Turner after seeing his band open for Flogging Molly in February of this year. The genius of his lyrics speaks to me because as he sings: Punk Rock didn’t live up to what I thought that it could be, and life is too short to live without poetry.

  18. caitieMCR

    wow, i love this man.

  19. hiMoz89

    i’m seeing him on thursday, i can’t wait!!!

  20. Clayer001

    The man is a Poet with a guitar. the thing is on the first listen you get the raw emotion unlike having to study it coutless hours to uncover what the “true meaning is”.

  21. Dalrrr

    Frank turner is my lyrical hero! if i ever win a large sum of money i want him to play at my local

  22. payau123

    I love how this is underground xD

  23. swatman

    LOL… between 2.39 – 2.48 watch the drummer… Fucking Hilarious!!

  24. MartyAintFlying

    Frank truly is a hero bulldogukjamie, he’s my fucking hero!

    going to see him 6th and 7th of april in Amsterdam and Groningen!

  25. Bulldogukjamie

    Frank you’re a legend. Looking forward to seeing you in Portsmouth in March. Only the third time i’ll see you in 12 months.

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