Poetri doing KRISPY KREME on Def Poetry

A person told me they didn’t like Krispy Kreme cause they were too sweet. AIN’T THAT THE PURPOSE???

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25 Responses to Poetri doing KRISPY KREME on Def Poetry

  1. VisualAidify

    I love the humor!!!! makes the world seem easier… just for a moment…

  2. GeryBerry4141

    we just talked about this poem in school. its my favorite so funny!

  3. WandooTV

    Aww poetri is such a sweetheart. He is so cute like a little baby..In a good way though.

  4. The12345MUSIC

    i love your poetry it is funny…i write poetry i wish they still showed this show

  5. pdul526

    Ha ha ha “kept to keep us down and round”

  6. DesigningDestiny1

    lol this is hella funny!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. paddeiskie01

    hail poetri..
    i can feel that ur a very good man…
    the way you reply to your viewer…
    your so humble…
    to you, as a man,
    I bow…
    I salute,
    and scream WOW….
    tnx for some good words man…

  8. multifacetedmage

    I loved your perfomance Poetri and the Piece this was really great please do more pieces like this!

  9. currystud

    very nice man

  10. Quippen

    too cute! i love it :)

  11. Poetri

    @imjustafanboy Yes, the real Poetri posted this.

  12. lightsoutbsk23

    poetri come back to pius

  13. imjustafanboy

    Did the real petri post this ?

  14. floobaflooba

    Hi-larious. This made my day :)

  15. endwoner


  16. leicox1

    Lol. This is so funny. I mean your poetry is prue genius.!! ;)

  17. divahonee

    I absolutely love you, and your spoken word. The deepness that others bring is real but everyone knows laugher is good for the soul and that is something you truly bring . Bless you Brother

  18. shortyFLIPinaH

    hhaha the conspiracy behind krispy kreme. LOL

  19. Poetri

    @behold4 Wow! Thanks for the love. You are too kind. You were asking about booking. Here is the number you can call. 909-725-2863. Ask to speak with Juren. She is my SPOKEN WORD booking manager. Yay. I hope to see you soon. This will be fun!

  20. behold4

    I love good, clean, comical, “PERFORMED” poetry!!! The comedian Bruce Bruce would appreciate this piece. lol. How can your services be booked?

  21. StatusUpdateTV

    Do you know alot about facebook? Do you mind checking out my teaser for episode II of my TV show about facebook? It is on my page. Oh and subscribe if you like the one minute video.

  22. TheLyricalJewel

    lol… hilarious stuff…… tears in my eyes… “no i don’t want the usual… ok gimme the usual…” lol @ disguisin my voice…….

  23. imperallady

    zounette99 wanted to marry you… I’m comfortale with being the dip. LOL….

    (With the acception that WE sit together at theall you can eat buffets.)

    Much love to you you sexy thang. Have a great day! :)

  24. mistybobisty329

    lol i luv ur peronality …. u r sooo funny haha plleez come to my school , i go to byrd middle in va and im in sixth grade …. pleez come do krispy kreme !!! o and pleez do monsters :) u r so halarious o and message me if u do come ….. thanks- Sierra Reams

  25. RstarNavaja

    lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahaha

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