The Poetry Lounge 2 – The Power of Poetics Video The Poetry Lounge is a free, multicultural open-forum for self-expression, inspiring young people to find their own voice and let it be heard. The Power of Poetics focuses on the skillful use of language forms and poetic devices. Viewers   ... Read more

Def Poetry – Julian Curry – Niggers Niggas & Niggaz

The prevalence of the ugly word among blacks in America.   ... Read more

Ars poetics

Ars poetics Waterfall in Lake District national park. Hi! what do u do in my picture!? Image by krembo1 Poet-Chief: The Native American Poetics of Walt Whitman and Pablo Neruda: - by Arleenku05 (Arleen Halcomb) The Poetics of Aristotle:   ... Read more

Wild Poetry In Our Kitchen…!!! :)))

Image by Denis Collette...!!!  ... Read more

not poetry

not poetry attempting poetry can be dangerous without a beginning a spark of inspiration I start with if you knew of the coming dark despair doubt you would face would you find the courage to see acceptance enthusiasm confidence at   ... Read more

What are Aristotle’s poetics?

What are Aristotle's poetics? I need to know the specific aristotle poetics and I can't seem to find anything that relates to it. Help? Best answer: Answer by HayekAristotle's Poetics is one of his books. If you want to know   ... Read more

Breatkthrough Healthcare Innovation from OffSiteCare, Inc. Links SF, Israel to Rural America

Sebastopol, CA (PRWEB) December 08, 2011 OffSiteCare, Inc. (OSC), a leading provider of telemedicine services to rural hospitals, has opened a central hub in San Francisco to provide nighttime hospitalist and specialist consultations to seven Northern California hospitals. OSC is   ... Read more

Suheir Hammad – Def Poetry

Suheir Hammad - Def Poetry Suheir Hammad - Def Poetry How to Help Your Child Beat Depression Written by a clinical psychologist & a mother whose own teen suffered from depression, this book offers practical advice on recognizing & treating   ... Read more

Poet Inspires Public with her 2nd Poetry Collection

Poet Inspires Public with her 2nd Poetry Collection ...  ... Read more

Publishing a book of poetry

The journey usually starts with a friend or family members telling you maybe you should get your work of poetry publish because it is so good. You probably said, “I don't think my work of poetry is good enough for   ... Read more

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