Nightwish – Dead Boy’s Poem (lyrics)

A video, that makes me think about my native country… Poland… Nightwish, Dead Boy’s Poem, of course!

Nightwish – Dead Boy’s Poem (lyrics)

25 Responses to Nightwish – Dead Boy’s Poem (lyrics)

  1. 2012AOA

    awesome and simply epic.
    she is the most beautiful women on earth, and her voice makes that so.

  2. clan13

    14 people who dislike this doesnt know the beauty of the song

  3. Samisi2429

    Uwielbiam t? piosenk?, zw?aszcza z amv z Evangelionu. Pozdrawiam ;]

  4. BittersweetMoonlight

    @darkheart9668 I don’t know for sure, but I think they mean they (meaning anyone with an ‘ocean soul’) feels like the ocean-restless and never finding peace.

  5. simonaets

    this song i dedicate to the one and only i love.

  6. darkheart9668

    I’ve noticed that “ocean soul” has been referenced in other Nigthwish songs, anybody knows what ocean soul refers to?

  7. heartflowergirl

    Tarja’s voice is a wonder for my ears…

  8. slr0201

    this song hits pretty deep i like it

  9. Beledal

    @yanxxxy According to Tuomas, the song (and poem) is a message to everybody if he were to die tomorrow or sometime soon. This is basically what he wanted to tell everybody but couldn’t through words, but through music.

  10. Myworld1916

    Tuomas wrote this as a testament. Before he would die, he has to write it, as it tells about how he think and felt during his whole life.

  11. GingerCat18

    @yanxxxy the dead boy is a metaphor for innocence, according to Tuomas :)

  12. darkanimeangel15

    @hitc5678 Make that 15 and over… wait there can’t be that many retards! Nah! impossible! *gets out her gun* see i can fix that *smiles*

  13. linkfan160

    @skyfaLLen07 Oh THANKS XDD

  14. skyfaLLen07

    @linkfan160 it’s just you XD

  15. thearabianbreyer

    oh mah lah, this is my new fav.

  16. linkfan160

    Is it just me or does 0:26 sound like it being played in reverse?

  17. ilppu92

    So sad song…..

  18. cuttlefisch

    Surely one of the two or three greatest rock songs of all time, just utterly epic and spell-binding.

  19. pufarinu

    this song is perfect !

  20. NazTb0y

    4:22 Is Tarja actually wearing a cowboy hat? That is so inappropriate to the character of Nightwish. They sing epic music about ancient lore and fallen kingdoms, not the fucking wild west!

  21. SacredNIghtfall

    This song is SO beautiful. One of my favorite Nightwish songs ever…

  22. Milanmg96

    now 15 mentaly retarded persons…
    Beautiful song, one of my favourites, though i don’t understand it completly

  23. FeerRSS


    tuomas create the dead boy inspired on himself,

  24. LaVieVite

    “Created a kingdom, reached for the wisdom, failed in becoming a god” my favorite lyrics ever

  25. chavkill2


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