Minimalism – Kinetic Typography Poem

Trying my hand at After Effects. Text version at:

Minimalism – Kinetic Typography Poem
Finding Happiness And Self-actualization.
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Finding Happiness And Self-actualization.

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25 Responses to Minimalism – Kinetic Typography Poem

  1. rpascuttini

    Awesome! I loved this!

  2. Jesslah6789

    @FineMays *hole

  3. FineMays

    basically… theres a dot in this painting. white sarrounded it. he was angry since it looked like it was made by a child who was told to go wild but was retarded so but in a dot. the artist said there was a whole so he colored it with paint. the janitor came by and said that the painting on the end is just really black in the dark. so thye left. he looked at the sky and saw the moon. it looked familiar to him. a white dot sarrounded by black, who knew.

  4. Raeafu

    OMG poem is brilliant

  5. TheReverb1

    …and cool edited.
    In my opinion, not so many space for minimalism, looks more like futurism

  6. kehnie

    New Dr. Suess?
    New Dr. Suess.

  7. IntrepidStranger

    But it was art, and that’s the point, isn’t it?

  8. Messerchmitt11B

    guy should visit the mental facility once in a while…

  9. Ledo10181

    This is truly awesome! I -love- it! one of my most favorite videos I have found in my Youtube surfing! thanks! =)

  10. vinceandlilly

    Mind = Blown

  11. BustDaMove

    that video is art!

  12. sammi5133

    …. My mind just exploded. There are chunks everywhere.

  13. ObsceneParanoia

    I absolutely love this. The typography is great and gives the poem/work more emphasis and power. :P I’ve read most of what you’ve posted on your site, but it’s funny, a couple of them, I had to read a couple of times, and it seemed not to flow in my head, but when you speak, it all falls into place. Kudos. <3

  14. Valckior

    The animations were a trip for sure, and I like how you put the words all into a little black dot, great going :D.

  15. GlobalPSPower

    pretty sure i got mind fucked at the end

  16. Aepotheosis

    I really like your poem. I would offer to blow you but I believe we live two states away

  17. drugkomesar

    hermeneutics gave me an erection.

  18. utubegirlx

    Clever than most videos I admit and of course sycophants abound here on the tube so I will try to make it minimal.

    I see the .

    Minimalism, nihilism, fatalism…etc, etc, etc.

    “isms” were the beginning of our downfall.

    Thanks for the laughs, and it is my wish that this endeavor allows you to avoid ever being in a cubicle.

  19. azrienoch

    @Giymo11 One of the many ironies within.

  20. Giymo11

    Hm… The poem is pure awesomeness, and I really like it (I even think of doing one myself)…
    BUT: it is called “minimalism”
    the only thing this animation lacks ^_~

  21. ObiRevolution1

    Such an amazing poem, in my opinion. The Kinetic Typography is really nice and complements the message well.

  22. kahbkah

    I like the way the painting shows what minimalism is. In the end the black dot is just like every other painting and then he sees the moon, which is essentially the same thing, but when we look at the moon we see don’t just see a white dot, we see something beautiful.

  23. kmwisnew

    Google, “teach me how to Dougie.”
    …and by Dougie I am fairly certain he means, “Kinetic typography.” It’s an allegory.

  24. kmwisnew

    “15 butter fingers missed the “like” button.? This is brilliant!

    euhormon 7 months ago”

    Amen to that, a true testament to this work that there have been but 4 “butterfinger” clicks in 7 months. Brilliant

  25. KnottEasy

    this is insane goddamn

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