Malcolm-Jamal Warner on Def Poetry Jam 2002

HBO’s Def Poetry Jam

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25 Responses to Malcolm-Jamal Warner on Def Poetry Jam 2002

  1. AlexTheMusicPhene

    I hate it when they clap in the middle of the damn poem so fucking loud.

  2. supervirtuouswoman

    OMG! I love him. I am proud to be one of his black sisters.

  3. MMFrostMM

    just perfect. exacly that was, what i wanted to tell my girlfriend ;D

  4. PutARingOnDis

    he looks like a chipmunk…but hes sooo cute!!!

  5. manez1234

    If you liked this poem you will love my new poem “Daddy” just type manez1234 in the search bar or go to my page to watch the video. and plz post your comments. thanks!

  6. r8luver1

    lol luv the shirt ;p

  7. Spadesz93

    Where the hell is Malcolm, no seriously im gettin scared. I loved him.

  8. arhuxtable

    Phylicia Rashad appeared on Def Poetry Jam once also.

  9. arhuxtable

    Carl Payne who recurringly appeared on the Cosby Show between 1985 and ’87 got written out.

  10. BreiandKids

    I love Malcolm Jamal Warner! His handsome self! He becomes more handsome as each yr goes by!

    Loving the dreads on him!!!!

  11. 7lyrique

    That’s my Homie…he did his thing. Very proud of you Hun!

  12. ladyluna25

    Loved it!

  13. MsScorpiolady

    wow!!! wish my man was like that!!!

  14. behabtwa

    haha, true, true, theo has become to be a MAN! :))

  15. arosteguidj81


  16. arosteguidj81

    Oh shit its THEO! What the fuck happened to him thou, he looks like the predetor : (

  17. ncoldblood

    “She makes me wanna get high and meditate, so i can prolong the spiritual and mental state i’m in when i’m in her…………………………..Presence!”

  18. DatTrickayNiggaa

    nices sed

  19. DatTrickayNiggaa

    daayaman deeep

  20. m1g2a3r4

    Go head Theo !!!!!! lol

  21. krysie869

    i know right…

  22. trailed

    Theo is a freak!

  23. scmmacon2009

    that was great MJM i really liked it!!!!!

  24. Matwpc

    well done

  25. futboler454

    I agree with that. And I also believe Tyler Perry should not be beyond criticism.

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