‘Luu’s Love Poems’ Publishes Inspirational Heart Grabbing Love Poems E-Book

Des Moines, IA (PRWEB) July 10, 2009

Khoa Luu, through his website “Luu’s Love Poems,” (http://luus-love-poems.org) introduces his newest collection of love poems available free to all his website visitors. “Luu’s Pure Love Poems” is an e-book containing thirty original inspirational love poems written over the past five years.

“Luu’s Pure Love Poems is a wondrous addition to the ‘Luu’s Love Poems’ website” says author and poet Khoa Luu. “These poems will grab your attention and emotions. Love poems are fun to read and something we all have in common is love. You can express your emotions for a loved one in a love poem. They will make you happy.”

Love Poems are about evoking passion and emotions of the heart and soul. The Love poems on “Luu’s Love Poems” are about and written for normal everyday people. They are Love Poems are written from the heart that everyone can relate to.

They will enlighten you, delight you and enrich your most precious memories. “Luu’s Love Poems” visitors will most assuredly want to share these original inspirational love poems with their family, friends and lovers.

The “Luu’s Love Poems” website is updated regularly with new original love poems written by Khoa Luu. The love poems are also available as an audio recording with Khoa Luu reading. Soft soothing music playing in the background makes these audio recordings pleasurable to all. Website visitors even have the option of subscribing to the “Luu’s Love Poems” newsletter and receiving new love poems sent straight to their email inbox. All subscribers will automatically receive “Luu’s Pure Love Poems” at no charge.

About Khoa Luu: Khoa Luu, raised in Des Moines Iowa, is an acclaimed poet who has been writing love poems since he was 16 years old. His love poems can be found in various internet publications. He also enjoys singing, recording music, meditating and aspires to set his love poems to music. His website, “Luu’s Love Poems,” (http://luus-love-poems.org) was created for the purpose of sharing his gifts of writing poetry with everyone. He may be contacted through his website “Luu’s for You” (http://luus-love-poems.org)

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