Love Poems

Hey everyone… This is my first video Plz tell if it’s good ps The song is called ”Every time we touch” by Cascada

Love Poems

25 Responses to Love Poems

  1. JboyOwns22

    @fatboypgh its okay manm i feel your pain,it feels like love,then the person who takes your heart and places right next to theirs, then they take it out and crumble it slowly and painfully…

  2. fatboypgh

    i miss u crystal, i knw we moved on but you will always be the ONLY 1 i truly love.

  3. zenatnabi

    very nice good jop keep contiuing ths way i like more more love poem thank u so much

  4. dindaminardi

    Are those poems written by you? they’re beautiful :)
    the poems, song and video are supporting each other.

  5. danteisaiah

    @danteisaiah im online every day so if you will then just msg me and ill send you some
    if you give me credit

  6. danteisaiah

    is anyone willing to post a vid with some of my poems in them?

  7. sameeranajdyg

    I love sports

  8. MySparkleyVampire

    awlllll those poems were soooo cute!!!

  9. leogirl777


  10. saumayable

    I love cuddle nights

  11. Raesun18

    wonderful in all aspects

  12. wwefantriple1

    very nice vid

  13. tolutokoya

    Go to my channel and watch the video poem called ”the quiet village”

  14. MissKittlyKittenCat

    i promise i won’t cheat i promise i won’t lie but baby all i want to do is be~by your side……………………on your thighs. Is that how you spell that?

  15. rlhty37esl

    Love most of the poems. thank you for posting!! Lovely.

  16. pagma0305

    this songs name “Cascada – Everytime we touch”

  17. pfunk2012

    Great! Nice voice, music, etc.

  18. kingdominds13

    Whats is the song called???

  19. Binopuromexicano

    @Bladesting – best one yet! :P thumps up!

  20. Bladesting

    Hows this Poem? lolz

    Heart feels warm
    I can Feel it beating
    its bout time I sucked those titties so I can start teething
    I know I’m dumb
    I know I’m brash
    but I’ve been waiting far too long to tap that perfect ass
    I promise I won’t cheat
    I promise I won’t lie
    as long as you ride my dick all the way, sky fucking high
    it may sound like all I want is sex, but that just isn’t it
    your company just alone is what really makes me tick

  21. rocknrobb1

    If we deny love that is given to us, if we refuse to give love because we fear pain or loss, then our lives will be empty, our loss greater.

  22. samoagirl09

    really nice song….lovveee it!!

  23. gedichtewiese

    Nice Video, thanks… _???_

  24. XxFreakyBreXx

    this is beautiful! whats the song called?

  25. sarvesh0rajpal


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