Lin-Manuel Miranda Performs at the White House Poetry Jam: (8 of 8)

Writer and star of the Broadway musical In the Heights, Lin-Manuel Miranda performs “The Hamilton Mixtape” at the White House Evening of Poetry, Music, and the Spoken Word on May 12, 2009. Accompanied by Alex Lacamoire. (public domain)

25 Responses to Lin-Manuel Miranda Performs at the White House Poetry Jam: (8 of 8)

  1. wisinfan14

    its sad that educated rap like this only has a few views but the brainless pop shit has millions

  2. AZsoccerplaya

    Lol I watched this in AP US history today! Awesome

  3. SuperTroll10

    @flyaway3860 same here!!

  4. cek812

    Looks like 41 people accidentally hit the dislike button.

  5. HitsugayaToshy

    @superkasper31 not necessarily smart, just educated lmfao.. this guy is sick though, definitely downloadin this

  6. MasterSword1993

    Aaron Burr sent 41 people to dislike this.

  7. MasterSword1993

    I love singing along with this =D

  8. fatpeepsRfunny

    @backthenwheniwascute well his life really was interesting, and you could say that yes its pretty much the same as your modern day hip hop artist coming up from the bottom. The only reason is that he’s over 200 years in the history, so its not a current topic lol

  9. dozerislife

    @superkasper31 i watched this in ap us history .. and i 100% agree with you

  10. superkasper31

    only smart people would understand this song

  11. ZakAngelFilms

    ‘new york can make you a new man”. is that from a jay z song? also the beat sounds familiar.

    still sick though

  12. Cyber1293

    @TheSacredNightmare Burr, not Berg…

  13. flyaway3860

    i love this vid! :) saw this in ap us history and it’s been stuck in my head since. thanks lin-manuel for reminding me that an education will never be something that anyone can take away for me.



  14. aznuglybetty


  15. alathion

    This was so impressive!

  16. SporkTsar

    @shrpshootr65 Well he’s puerto rican actually

  17. Fovvler

    @TheSacredNightmare Burr?

  18. TheSacredNightmare

    41 people agreed to what Berg did to Hamilton.

  19. saskemon

    @moonira0209 do you know khalill hes my ugly ass nerd bro

  20. treeesah

    he looks like robert downing jr!

  21. bklynmaxred

    What is? Specifically.

  22. Nathanalism

    @bklynmaxred this is wrong.

  23. PJGindahouse

    this made my school’s quiz bowl so much easier.

  24. northeyp12

    @moonira0209 MINE TOOO

  25. detallion

    Wow I’ve seen a few of Freestyle Love Supreme and Lin-Man is extremely talented.
    But this made my jaw drop, so amazing.

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