Jasmine Mans at the 2008 Urban Word NYC Teen Poetry Slam Finals

Jasmine Mans at the 2008 Urban Word NYC Teen Poetry Slam Finals

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25 Responses to Jasmine Mans at the 2008 Urban Word NYC Teen Poetry Slam Finals

  1. sherikaprince

    check her out on my website… I did an interview with her drdivah(dot)com

  2. shilea1star

    omg that was amazing.

  3. krushonu8181

    SHE EFFIN AWESOME!!!! KEep up the gd work!!!

  4. 14starj

    so close to dropping a tear

  5. DiamondSavage18

    this making me cry

  6. maddiesophresh

    thumbs up if this touch you deeply

  7. babitigga11

    i cried when i watched this because it reminds me so much of my life

  8. loMJveable

    was this poem based on real life? or was it just the most amazing poem ever!?!?!

  9. jumpything567

    i cried when i watched this.. very movinq.

  10. Cecee4ya


  11. kalikutie1985

    That was powerful! You are talented.

  12. BlueBabyAkaAj

    That was soo goood!

  13. TheShada1234

    wow dat real

  14. MSPrettyLatrice

    omgggggg this is my 1st time seeing thiss…this is so powerful

  15. danadane615


  16. phatbeauty17

    WOW!!! Dis gurl bad foreal!!!!

  17. palm561beach

    intense. that’s a brave AND talented girl.

  18. 17letrice

    wowwwwwww……powerful stuff…makes you wanna thank God for your life

  19. JellyBeanAnSpiceCake

    omg hun D: I though my poetry was powerful.

  20. quitejaded

    This really happened to her? Damn.

  21. sexydye09

    This left me in tears.

  22. shyshotcaller27

    Wow, this girl is the truth!


    @loMJveable Yean that was her dad.

  24. loMJveable

    i hate to b a bother but im confused….so she was HIS daughter….and….well yea im confused

    all in all that left me in tears

  25. curveyourwayon


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