How to write an absolutely uninspired poem for french class?


How to write an absolutely uninspired poem for french class?
First of all, i hate poetry in general. Today, i found out that i have to write a poem for french class, ‘evoking emotion’ in my teacher.

I cannot write poems in my two primary languages, how am i supposed to write a meaningful one in a language i am just learning?

Any tips? Or if you actually want to help me write it, i can give you my email.


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Answer by Karen
Do a haiku, that way it doesn’t have to rhyme. Short and sweet. But deep — for the teacher, you know?

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2 Responses to How to write an absolutely uninspired poem for french class?

  1. Delmas

    Regarder un mur
    Et longtemps,
    Un long,
    Très long
    Ennui silencieux.
    Ou un poème sans rime.

    Watching a wall,
    And for a long time
    A long,
    Very long
    Silent boredom.
    Or a rymeless poem.

  2. Audrey P

    Je suis encore seul et triste
    J’écris, je lis et je dors
    C’est vrai, l’ennui existe
    Comme le silence de la mort.

    Puis, il y a un bruit,
    Je sors de mes draps
    Au milieu de la nuit
    C’est un petit chat

    Il roule, miaule et va dehors
    Mais même si elle veut jouer
    C’est la nuit encore
    Je suis beaucoup trop fatigué

    Ma vie continue
    J’écris, je lis je dors
    Mais je sais que le chat que j’ai vu
    M’a réveillé de la mort.

    I am sad and lonely again
    I write, i read and i sleep
    It is true that boredom exists
    like the silence of death

    Then there is a noise
    I get out of my blankets
    In the middle of the night
    It is a litte cat

    It rolls and “miaws” and goes outside
    but even if it wants to play
    It is still night
    and im still tired

    My life continues
    I write i read and i sleep
    but i know that the cat that i saw
    woke me up from death

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