How do you locate an audience for dark and depression poetry?

I write depression and dark poetry and I’m searching for an audience for my poetry book. Regular open mic doesn’t cut it and poetry readings. I’m told it is too sad. So searching for some new locations. Websites whatever. Any ideas?

3 Responses to How do you locate an audience for dark and depression poetry?

  1. Awkward

    People will listen if its good..just keep searching and eventually you’ll find your audience

  2. itsAsadSadWorld..

    I am sure people would want to hear it. I know I would. I am sure you can find an audience somewhere.

  3. Katrina B

    I write pretty depressing poetry as well, although i’m not sure if mines is more depressing or if your is. I don’t know exactly what your looking for but I can recommend some tips on how to find it. If you just want people to read your stuff. you should search google for forums you can join. “Dark poetry forums.” There are a lot of people that write and read “dark depressing poetry”. Here are a few sites that I found you should probably check to see if it right for you.
    (not so sure about the next one.)

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