How do I transition from writing poetry to writing song lyrics?

I write a lot of poetry, which lately has been going over well with the general public. o.o
I’m 14 and starting to play the guitar, so far I’m getting it pretty well. There’s a BIG musical history in my family. I like to sing and (not really play) but have fun with different instruments.
I keep attempting to smoothly turn a poem into a song but every time I fail miserably. Are there any tips to help me write in a different style?

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  1. BILL C

    To start writing simple songs, the lyrics should be in iambic tetrameter.

    Four iambs (- /) per line. one unstressed syllable followed by one stressed syllable, repeated four times per line.

    In the beginning, this will help you develop the phrasing in the music to correspond with the lyrics.

    Most songs rely on either an 8 or 16 measure phrase. (blues use 12).

  2. Katy

    Maybe, to start out, get a simple tune down and try to write the lyrics according to the music as opposed to the other way around. I don’t have any personal experience writing lyrics, but I had a friend who used to be a lyricist, and that always seemed to be her process. Even if the method doesn’t stick, it might get you in the habit of having the tune in mind from the start of the writing process, rather than trying to incorporate it partway through–which might not be what you’re doing anyways, but I thought I’d suggest it.

  3. micheleann62

    Make sure your lyrics have flow. Write music first and then the song so you can do the words to the rhythm of the music.

    Leave out a lot of adjectives. Like that, and, but etc.

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