How can I write a poem for english class?


How can I write a poem for english class?
I hate having my poems evaluated. I mean, it’s not that I don’t like writing poetry, but I have such a hard time actually showing emotion. And like, that’s what poetry is all about, right? I’ve had a lot of difficult things happen to me recently, but nothing that I could share with my english teacher, and definitely not my class.

So is it possible to write a good poem without the true emotion? How?

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Answer by lilly45
Try writing some poems – from the standpoint of being an observer. Tell a story of what is going on – what you see happening – maybe what you feel about it. Emotions will tend to leak in – maybe that will be a good start. Good luck ?

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  1. amartya


    You need to practice. Then you need a place where you can post them and let other experienced and published poets comment on them. There are many such good poets’ forums available but if you ask me a good and free forum is .

    You should get instant support and comments there… Best of luck


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