How can I get started writing poetry for a living?

With all the BS online these days i just don’t know how to really get started writing poetry for a living. I’m really good at it, and i mean really good at it, i’ve always wanted to write childrens poetry books or write greeting cards or something along those lines, i just need to be pointed in the right direction. I would love to start making a living doing something i love. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Markie

    i dont really know for sure, but you could try entering a contest or something to get you and your work noticed.

  2. Arica

    The internet has a lot of scams, i’d suggest going to the library and getting a book on how to get your work published? Take all your poems and bind them together in one book, publish it and get noticed.

  3. GGG

    I would suggest working in something that will put you close to what you love.

    Teaching literature will put you in touch with the greats so you can put food on the table, practice your craft and take a night class here and there.

    Journalism would provide life experience, subject matter and help you sharpen your skills. The same qualities of concise description and concrete images and action verbs are required.

    If you are interested in greeting cards, there is a technique to what sells. You should study the wording on the Greeting cards, or maybe seek employment at a greeting card company.

    The greats in the 20th century had careers to put food on the table. They did not receive money from book sales until middle age or later.
    TS Eliot was a banker.
    William Carlos Williams sold insurance
    Wilfred Owen was a Soldier and died at his profession
    Ezra Pound was an editor
    Wendell Berry is a farmer
    A few are professors or teachers
    Gary Snyder bounced around as a logger, forest ranger, ship hand — whatever would put food on the table while he wrote.
    Thomas Merton was a monk
    Some apply for grants to finish their books but almost always revert to a paying job.
    Very few had poet as their profession but generated great poems.

  4. Ephrah

    Write about what love the most.

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