HBO Def Poetry Joe Hernandez-Kolski “COOL”

Check out Joe’s performance from the Season Four Finale.

25 Responses to HBO Def Poetry Joe Hernandez-Kolski “COOL”

  1. kmryan182


  2. speeches

    one of the illest here… awesome and real talk

  3. playgirl246

    lmao u kno some idoit was like COOL after he said Ryan Secrest…then did the lil look around]

  4. pnkbabydoll08

    thats my thing if u dont kno now u kno lol :-) love it

  5. jewishboi17


  6. mymightyromance

    Love this dude, Saw him at a college the other night.

  7. badazzcesar

    joe ur work at eli whitney was amazing i still remeber ur kik ass poem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. Does ur sis still work at eli whitney

  8. ibelieveinyouandm

    This poem is COOL

  9. JordanMcRae

    This poem is cool

  10. DaVerySame

    this poem is to not only entertain but to give truth. he mixes humor with reality to give you a message that you will enjoy and get something from

  11. nssjchino

    pure truth.

  12. xxBlackWiltedRosesxx


  13. pochojoe

    I love you too, bro. I’m proud of all of the work that you’re doing. You’re working hard. That’s apparent.


    there is so much truth in this poem.

  15. GymnastKaori

    this is awesome, love it!

  16. ariharveykinkle

    um… he’s white and mexican space cadet.

  17. CopWatchGC

    Joe I love you man, This is D’Angelo. Much love and respect brother

  18. wallstreetyoung

    no, that’s cool……

  19. wallstreetyoung

    Joe Hernandez-Kolski is cool…..

  20. hugzluvsirishelmo07

    <3 i love this.

  21. Hiyoamee

    he is so cute

  22. Hiyoamee

    omg he is so cute

  23. 8182570

    “calling a burito a wrap” lol! i love his facial expression after that its intensely serious ;)

    I like this poem overall it lures you in

  24. cdphatty

    wow, really good audience

  25. phresh07

    Beloved is my shit

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