Free Poetry Exposure for Aspiring Poets

A poem is collection of words that expresses a true feeling or emotion in a creative way. Great poetry evokes, inspires, and is lucid in delivery. When a poem inspires the readers, the poetâ??s purpose has been fulfilled. In fact Coleridge, a famous English poet once said that poetry is “the best words in their best order”. Hence, poems should appeal to the aesthetic sense of the readers. Over the ages, the world has witnessed some very famous poets who have richly contributed to the evolution of poetry as a unique school of study. Be it Shakespeare and Wordsworth or Frost and Whitman, their unforgettable poems have touched the hearts of poetry lovers the world over.

Poems can be classified into several different genres, including narrative, epic, dramatic, satirical, lyric, and prose poetry. Different forms of poetry have been developed over the ages, such as sonnet, ode, ghazal, sijo, and haiku. .

Aspiring poets generally seek inspiration from varied sources. Right from the childhood, most of the individuals would have had poetry exposure in schools and colleges. So, poetry writing need not be restricted towards literature students. All you need is a strong inspiration, with which your thoughts are sure to flow freely on a paper. When you start writing poems, just let your imagination run wild and do not restrict yourself to a particular style of poetry. Write what comes to your mind, and as you write, you are sure to develop your skills. .

Many young and aspiring poets become unnoticed, as they donâ??t have a good platform to exhibit their talents. So, do you also belong to the elite group of aspiring poets and want to see your name in print? If yes, Tupelo Super Store has a poetry corner exclusively for you to drop your poems. Many poems by aspiring poets have been posted. Tupelo Super Store offers you an excellent opportunity to showcase your talents. Now, you can have your own web space and enjoy the freedom of creative expression completely free of cost. .

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