Erykah Badu on Def Jam Poetry

I love it!

25 Responses to Erykah Badu on Def Jam Poetry

  1. ieatglue44

    You know what the word poetry comes from? The Latin word meaning to make. I’d say she made something pretty damn beautiful. It’s poetry.

  2. JosieGrosie44

    @brotherfable Duh, its art. In its puriest form.

  3. brotherfable

    this isn’t poetry.

  4. robzombay72

    How da fuck you kno

  5. robzombay72


  6. robzombay72

    Is this nut still around.

  7. videlsd

    I wonder if she was talking about anyone in specific

  8. Grey923

    Very nice…

  9. rjvalentine28

    bea to the utiful

  10. Abisugamama

    She done made a million dollas / she can give us some / she be havin fun / shoot we wanna have fun! Lolol that’s funny! Love it

  11. oleold

    That sista is one strong black woman and truly talented.

  12. JayRocFly


    she sung that last verse on the outkast song, liberation

  13. Infinite454

    if u like poetry and rap look at my songs and subscribe im just a beginner

  14. craziestgapeach

    yeah she was really really high she always look like this but thats her but she is talented.

  15. Darkness8Random

    she is cute

  16. ultramaria

    smack! my fingers bounce from my skull
    i thrash? my brain
    to beat the pain
    in my brain
    wince! reading papers makes me dull
    i must break wind
    been eating tinned
    beans, give me wind

  17. jusjream

    loving this

  18. myungskywalker

    i love her

  19. thiago062681

    Ela rima pá carai, essa nega é show !!! 1 das melhores cantoras black dos EUA!!! Vem pá cá cantá!!!

  20. gsatr85

    i love i love

  21. jacjaccherry




  23. BMichelleTV

    i ben lookin for this. love it.

  24. GTFMartinez

    ill meaning good lol

  25. sirbentley88

    LOVE IT!!!

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