Def Poetry – Patrick Washington – Letter To The Editor

The perils of valuing pop culture and trivial gossip over real knowledge. Proper parenting.

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letter to the editor by patrick washington;

26 Responses to Def Poetry – Patrick Washington – Letter To The Editor

  1. dipmuthafukinset

    Fucking a.

  2. shiozza

    @wrybred yeah but what if the kid is abusive or a bully, how do we know what the kid is like of screen, so i think its early to say if the kid was raised correctly cause they dont know spears and timberlake

  3. shiozza

    who is he to say u all that shit, a kid was raised correctly cause of what he knew and he didnt know timberlake and spears, what if the kid is or grows up to be abusive is he still raised correctly casue he doesnt know spears or timberlake, besides, timberlakes entertainment, if u like his music u feel it if u dont listen to something else

  4. ia04

    Television can tech you a lot, if you watch the right shows.

  5. arockystart

    is it wrong that I cant get over how big his sweater is?

  6. ezcondition

    @wrybred got to know the enemy inside and out

  7. chefawkes


    yes this poems on tv. what better way to reach the people who need to hear the message.

  8. NayderTahiphopQueen

    isn’t his poem on TV

  9. wrybred

    i agree with lily that there is some hypocricy in this piece, but the overall msg is profound. I love that bit about a prodigy knowing Brahms not brittany coz he was raised correctly. i think one should take care, like Saul Williams does in Coded Language, to celebrate non-white achievements aswell – despite that knowing the white side of things gives you the power to communicate with the power and hopefully devour and then allow diversity to flower.

  10. steffydub91

    Afrah12 it’s because of people like you that the world NIGGER has become so popular in the first place so dominant, so used & it’s because of that mentality that you portray that I embrace the world nigger it’s because of niggers like him that other niggers will learn it’s because the word nigger no longer controls the mind of the black man the word nigger helps us understand it’s not where we niggers been but its where we niggers are about to go! SO yes he? is a fucking nigger! :-)

  11. afrah12

    fucking nigger

  12. LillieB07

    homework isnt punishment but yet he uses it as a form of punishment when his kid mentions nelly at the table. hahaha ok.

  13. shiozza

    whos he to say people are ignorant, people are people he has no right to say you’re stupid if you remember every line from fresh prince cause wat if a dad says to his son wat patrik says to his, except as a reward for the hard wok he can watch an episode of bel air each day, so this boy then grows up to be smart and all that patricks looking for, but wait a min wat if he remembers every line from fresh prince,thats stupid, plz, magine gettin extra h/w cause u mentioned nelly at the dinner table.

  14. ODAL123

    @shiozza you got it wrong he means people are ignorant and busy worrying about which celeb got married instead of focusing on important things like life, politics and paying attention. you’re 19? you dont seem to be, how can you not get the message? idiots like you is exactly what he’s talking about. shieeet. keep working hard, pay your bills, and repeat till you retire, you live in a controlled society.

  15. l3r0ii

    People wouldn’t have to berate popular culture if it didn’t exist, which is kind of the point. Generally people try to bring the negative aspects of a subject to light in the hopes that other people will realize them and, in effect, disregard the disagreeable subject.

  16. shiozza

    This is shit, its like saying you will not enjoy any entertainment now son, and if you bring up anything to do with entertainment you will study, you will only study and not have fun. i mean who is he to say your stupid if u remember every line of fresh prince, im 19 watched a shit load of tv and didnt go to college and look at me i own my own house see my parents every week and have good savings and ill prove it on msn if u dont believe me.

  17. UnitedSovietParty

    In the wise words of Kanye West :

    “Taylor, hold on, ima let cha finish…”

    oh wait , no.

    “George Bush doesn’t care about black people”

  18. ucghouseband

    fuck bush; he lies.

  19. warsan123abc


  20. madeofsteel09

    so will anyone else with a brain

  21. jox6

    Well you know niggers will clap for anything anti bush

  22. foopie29

    also you couldnt hate on pop culture if it didnt exist.

  23. 0oemancipatedo0

    ‘fuck bush, listen to daddy son. he lies’ love it

  24. AholeAtheist

    The Bush line was totally pertinent. Why would you listen to George W. Bush when he is obviously less intelligent than myself and over half of the people I know? Listen and learn from people of intelligence. Then maybe we’ll all have enough knowledge to believe also what Matulu says “If congress can’t make progress then let’s change the process.” Which it obviously can’t if it’s part of the same system that allowed George to be elected over Mr. Gore.

  25. TeamLondon1

    lol, the bush line was totally random

  26. Kaitlyn

    I don’t think he meant homework to be a form of punishment when his kid talks of Nelly. The fact that people may see that as punishment proves his point. He’s replacing Nelly with intelligence by giving him math. It’s not punishment as you see it, it’s raising your child correctly.

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