Dead Poetic – Paralytic

just the song

Dead Poetic – Paralytic

25 Responses to Dead Poetic – Paralytic

  1. silentsnooc

    Can anyone explain to me the first lines?

    “Paint the lines on perfect eyes, that circle the object of my sincere affection,
    my undivided attention.”

  2. ronmcr14

    Good Black screen.. 3D? hahaha :))

  3. PatrickLeeConnelly

    Some things you can just keep right to your self.

  4. Nyolol


  5. dvolk1988

    this song makes me think of how my girl friend broke up with me idk why but it just does

  6. livelaughlovejd

    <3 This song is…. I AHVE NO WORDS, it is to amazing,
    wow im dumb, i said theres so words then i give it one aha :p

  7. mistermasterplan099

    man this song is rly good gonna get that cd soon :P

  8. s0ul0utlaw

    m/ ( o.o ) m/

  9. c0mingmom

    sorry missclick :(

    m/ ( -.- ) m/

  10. c0mingmom


  11. tonyman1106

    hell yes

  12. shwaamzie

    dead poetic <3

  13. oyeboy94

    this song is amazing

  14. creamfortress

    Best song from this guys, totally awesome.

  15. 36343438

    THE BEST band in this gener

  16. 29bentenueve29

    i luv dis song..!

  17. acmjosh

    deftones present!!

  18. BrokenXeno

    Uh no. If you read the description, it says “just the song” meaning it’s just the song, there is no video to go along with it.

  19. posthard3

    nice black vid.

  20. jeremyp18

    The song title really fits the song. It does paralyze you with its grace and fluid beauty.

  21. ymejl

    I see only black background, can you see more??

  22. BrokenXeno

    Yeah, Chino did guest vocals in this song, he’s an awesome vocalist.

  23. lifedrainer04

    it is chino moren :P his voice is…unique.he’s god :D

  24. xchampx

    i swear to god this guy sounds like chino moreno in this song.

  25. itsjustwolf

    F**king Awesome song =0
    Im stunned…

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