Dahlak Brathwaite on Def Poetry Jam: A Peculiar Evolution

Dahlak’s performance of “A Peculiar Evolution” on Def Poetry Season 6. More info at thisisdahlak.com and ill-literacy.com

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25 Responses to Dahlak Brathwaite on Def Poetry Jam: A Peculiar Evolution

  1. NaiJorJul

    @illliteracy this dude need a life not a hug

  2. bobbydee30g

    @fckliberalS7 I feel reparations are a half ass cop out because your right we didn’t have to go through all the shit out ancestors did. But to be honest reparations are still a must. I feel reparations should help repair the fucked up communities world wide to help do just that repair.

  3. mugantenshen

    wait so the japanese can get reperations for there time in internment camps, the jews can get reperations for the holocust but african americans cant get reperations for slavery and civil rights injustice continuing on into the 70’s and beyond. African americans will never get reperations but you dont have to be black to see the injustice.

  4. NaiJorJul

    @fckliberalS7 bro and instead of you telling other people about your point of view. go get a life.

  5. eriblood

    Eritrean right there BRRRAAAAPP

  6. fckliberalS7

    @markushollywood dude it is dead. Its kept alive by those who feel they are owed something. No one is owed a God damn thing. No one has the right to any amount of wealth. No has all these fucking rights because of their damn skin color. Get over it already. That saying, “the white man is holding me down” is complete bull shit. Look up the black founding fathers….learn REAL history.

  7. markushollywood

    @fckliberalS7 Dick, no one is talking about discrimination in this day and age, no one is assigning blame for modern day failings either. MY race is that of White European so I don’t know what you are getting at there. You appear to of shunned all Psychological and Sociological recriminations slavery has had on African Americans and how they manifested themselves as early as only 50 years ago. It’s not as dead an issue as you like to make out.

  8. fckliberalS7

    @markushollywood You are apparently stuck in the what 1600’s and 1700’s. You really need to move on. There is no excuse now days for anyone to blame someone else for their own failures. Your race has no bearing on your ability to work. Yes there are some businesses that do discriminate but they are far and few between now. Get over it.

  9. markushollywood

    @fckliberalS7 Your great great “something” (as you so eloquently put it) put his own life on the line through choice, The African’s brought over to the USA. were not afforded the same courtesy and were forced to work for no pay.

    I am hoping you see the difference, I am somehow doubting it though.

  10. ilustreina

    @fckliberalS7 You’re pretty ignorant (I don’t mean this as an insult) if you believe that “black people today are in no way affected by slavery”. To a non-black person it might seem that black just need a crutch or an excuse for how we all seemingly fail at life. Blacks have gone from slaves to sharecroppers to the projects where white people made us go so that we would be isolated from the rest of city. Some ppl r still there-in poverty and in ignorance. Even once you get out ur still affected

  11. fckliberalS7

    @markushollywood So I then think, if blacks are trying to get money from the families of slave owners I want money from black people because my family sacrificed so much for them. Sound dumb don’t it?

  12. fckliberalS7

    @markushollywood Okay first off, black people today are in no way affected by slavery. They should remember it and what happened, only 50 years ago, so that they cherish and appreciate what their ancestors did to get them to this point. I was not a fucking slave owner and neither was any one in my family tree. In fact, I have a great great great something, I can’t remember, that fought and lost his life fighting for the freeing of slaves.

  13. fckliberalS7

    @Lisi4Christ Racism is still alive but not that much. The reason the inner cities stay so bad is because of gangs…DUH!! You can’t go down there if your wearing the wrong colors. Why should we help anybody if they are ignorant enough to kill over a fucking rag.? Education healthcare and whatever else you said is a bunch of bologna. Pull your pants up and speak normal fucking english youll get a job and be okay. Its that simple.

  14. mindfitness

    @fckliberalS7 nobobdy even talkin bout gettin money back but u. hes not even talkin bout that so stay on topic .u cant even spell u dumb bitch.if u think that racism of the past doesnt effect the future then ur just another ignorant ass white person who thinks they know about shit that they could NEVER relate to

  15. amanichi

    @fckliberalS7 In europe the jews did,in the us asylum. why it bother you when it comes for another race,hmmm not racist????? Get knowledge.

  16. Crackiswizzack

    if you dig his work, check mine out!

  17. mztopmodel17

    heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy get it

  18. rastan1977

    its not about racism its about jumping the que

  19. Infinite454

    if u like rap and poetry look at my videos and subscribe

  20. mizzaryj

    I ♥ this poem sooo much, me and my sister quote it all the time :)

  21. Lisi4Christ

    If you really access the state of black people today in America, in regards to education, healthcare and housing, especially in the inner city, than you will really understand the LEGACY of slavery. It runs extremely deep: to the food we eat, the criminal justice system, the resources in our neighborhoods to the frequency of street cleaning in those neighborhoods as well. Racism is very much stil alive, it is just a whole lot more subtle, systemic and institutional.

  22. BALLlSLlFE

    @TheatreFreakGeek the problem is keeping the word exclusively black only makes the racial gap beetween black and white bigger, most people say they use it to lessen the original meaning of the word and make it there own but by making it racialy exclusive it only makes it still racist for a white person to use which just makes it another racial weapon

  23. blaccpanther16

    you have to be blind if you that naive to believe that racism doesn’t exist in this country

  24. angrykoopa

    julian curry blew this mofo out the water

  25. TheatreFreakGeek

    My friends who are white always ask me why they can’t say the” N” word and I don’t really give them an answer. I just tell them to think about it. I don’t understand why they (my friends) want to say it. They seem so troubled because they can’t. Again, I really don’t understand. I mean…just don’t say it! Right??? Can we start there… maybe?

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