Bukowski: Poetry and Motion

cb’s slightly drunken contribution to Voyager’s Poetry in Motion multimedia series from the ’90’s.

25 Responses to Bukowski: Poetry and Motion

  1. kaizenarts


  2. jared026

    hahaha the video was good enough by itself, buk pretty much just told mr. oxford how it is for some, so go back to college boy and wait for your immortality, which isn’t coming


    big hot bear shit lollllllllllllllllll yes the stink of the turd lollllll yesssss i love the swan in the background lolll classic

  4. Supertramp1966


  5. celticbuddha0120

    Hank would piss himself at both of you. Get a fuckin’ room.

  6. AkitaInu6

    Bless. Haha. You are very amusing.

  7. Supertramp1966

    I read your previous comments, that’s why I know your a TRUE idiot. See, you just don’t get it, son. But, “hah”…..your just 22 yrs old attending OXFORD (Sigh…), right… What should I expect??
    And, were not arguing. I’m simply trying to assist you in understanding why your a TRUE idiot. Note: The more insecure you get, the more juvenile your comments get (you’ll learn this with age).
    I have a life…I have a wife…and now I must leave for work. But this was fun, son…. :)

  8. AkitaInu6

    Not boasting. Like I said, I said it because you called me an idiot. Please read my messages before replying.

    Hah. 40+ and arguing with a 22yr old. Bless… get a wife and a life.

  9. Supertramp1966

    “…before trying to compare intellect.” Hmmm…
    Your the one boasting about OXFORD (Sigh…) I have yet to boast about which University I attended. See, this type of erred logic is exactly why I feel your a TRUE idiot. I don’t need to “read up the definition (poor grammar), I need only read your previous comments.

  10. AkitaInu6

    I don’t feel insecure, petal.
    I simply said it to show you I wasn’t an idiot :) Please read up the definition of idiot before trying to compare intellect

  11. Supertramp1966

    I’m not here to compare life resumes. However, if you feel insecure and need to do so, go right ahead. I simply made a comment based upon the absurdity of your reply. So, “let’s be fair”….
    And, by the way, you can attend OXFORD (Sigh….) and still be an IDIOT, which, judging by your comments, you most certainly are. (look inward, son)

  12. AkitaInu6

    Unfortunately, I go to Oxford Uni this year to do English Literature so, let’s be fair… I’m hardly an idiot. What is it you have done with your life? Sigh…

  13. Supertramp1966

    “Very worthless reply”??? Hmmm…
    Your comment doesn’t make any sense, son. You can’t even spell correctly. I never said I had published any books or poems. I simply said that, in my opinion, Hemingway is by far the greatest American writer of the 20th century. What does that have to do with your reply???
    Unfortunately for you, your a TRUE idiot. Which, by the way, is a damn rare thing these days. Most people are just impostors.

  14. bobertthebadger

    @murrc2h well done.. ; )

  15. AkitaInu6

    Very worthless reply. Surely, everything to do with arts is based in opinion and saying something as sad as that, to me, seems crazy. Most of you guys are not clueless anyway. Do any of you have books or poems published, i highly doubt it

  16. hongkongluna

    like you said, it’s relative.

  17. murrc2h

    @hongkongluna who’s faulkner? I cant find ’em… Being special is only relative. Buk was special too a lot of people. No offense but probably a lot more people than you.

  18. hongkongluna

    he wasn’t too special himself. sometimes yes, but mostly not.
    no comparison to faulkner but thats not why you read Buk. they really cant be compared. they’re both like LSD though :) I believe authors are like food, you’re in the mood for a certain dish sometimes, other times not.

  19. t5y665yrty56

    what i love most about buk is that he wasnt even trying to get laid with this stuff and he got more ass than hugh hefner in his lifetime.

  20. seros2010

    [Story Book Poetry? By Sky Nguyen] $16.99Amazon,SuperJump2010,YouTube

  21. bongomang

    cool! William S. Tribell reminds me of him some times.

  22. hektorm

    go bukowski!!!

  23. laurarox01

    LMAO it’s amazing.

  24. Ricardo72

    “poets, coets, hoets” haha! That’s genius in itself!

  25. Toggen62

    What is real, except for what ever reason, getting drunk, fucking and shitting and writing poetry about it?

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