Bjork-Pagan Poetry(live in Riverside Church New York)

One of the best live performances…

25 Responses to Bjork-Pagan Poetry(live in Riverside Church New York)

  1. AgitPropEverywhere

    The truest artist living! No other musician makes me more humble…

  2. ixa7fxi

    @bill500carphead I was just thinking the same thing

  3. marrydruli

    Pagan poetry? a church?

  4. dalecampbl7

    my love becomes
    familiar tenderness
    from far it comes
    to touch with gentleness
    what, i wonder
    can my life mean to be?
    i stare younder
    at the wind swaying tree
    love disappears
    dried up from a spring well
    from all the pairs
    lucky to drink their fill
    my chance passes
    and now i sit yearning
    for those touches
    but none i see coming

  5. bill500carphead

    wouldnt you like to open the eyes of people around you who would never listen to music like this,to this kind of talent

  6. jitterbuggg8

    flippin’ amazing! just… amazing.

  7. importantwoman

    I know it is said too much, but she is just too perfect

  8. KakiharaVoorhees

    That smile at the end…. <3

  9. AikateriniPap

    Pedaling through the dark currents I find the accurate copy..brilliant, fantastic:)

  10. Stpd18

    Does anybody know what she says from 3:38 to 4:11?????
    I have always wanted to know

  11. tseekr379

    wow…. just snapped out of my trance…

    my gf put me on to Bjork – this is my favorite song and it always gives me chills.

    what raw talent and emotion in her singing.

  12. Chin4i

    I’m so addicted especially at 3:48 – 4:03

  13. rosettast0ned

    Shes a darl

  14. handpusher

    she reminds me to be true to yourself over and over again. don’t give a damn what others think.

  15. picholinchoo

    Best voice on the planet!!!

  16. dreamingsleeping

    I love this song!!

  17. GutterDoll138

    Fantastic, shocking performance!
    One of my favorite Bjork songs! I think I’ve watched this 30 times! lol
    Wow, she’s so beautiful too!
    Phenomenal voice. <3

  18. dongypooh


  19. 918izzy

    Her voice is soo breath taking. This song reminds me of someone I knew once upon a time….

  20. Nenshati19

    Pagan poetry? Sung in a church with that sort of clothing on? Something’s wrong.

  21. HonorableMinisterRay

    Pure garbage!

  22. magadia13

    she is genius!

  23. MileyCyrusIsASlut99

    @FoFisSuccessful gaywad

  24. FoFisSuccessful

    she loves him…..
    she loves him…
    this time…
    i’m gonna keep it to myself….


  25. Lupromo08

    i love this song…

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